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13 Sep 12. The Italian Army is likely to move ahead with the purchase of 40 medium multirole tactical vehicles (VTMM) from Iveco Defense to conduct route clearance missions in Afghanistan, mobility systems office head colonel Enrico Rinaldi has revealed. Rinaldi was quoted by Defense News as saying that the vehicles are being purchased as part of €120m ($151m) allotted by the MoD for a total of 40 VTMMs along with logistical support services and an option for additional 40. The vehicles will travel in a group of five, called a route clearance package, and the first is expected to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2013, Rinaldi confirmed. The MoD is also in discussions with MBDA Italy for the delivery of Calife 3 wheeled decoys, which are used by the vehicle convoy for detonation of any pressure-plated improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the battlefield. Developed from the KMW Grizzly 6×6 tactical vehicle, the VTMM is a 4×4 medium protected vehicle designed to offer enhanced ballistic protection against IEDs, mine attacks and also provide direct fire to the crew. According to Iveco officials, the 18t vehicles will be equipped with Oto Melara-built Hitfist turrets with 12.7mm guns and Selex Guardian jammer, having radio and data transmission systems. Deliveries of all VTMMs are scheduled for completion by the end of 2014. The army is currently using a leased pushed decoy-equipped Maxxpro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle for route clearance operations in Afghanistan. (Source: armytechnology.com)

17 Sep 12. FAUN TRACKWAY USA, Inc. launched an innovative new system allowing deployment of its ground mobility systems by a wider range of vehicles at the Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico, Virginia on September 25-27, 2012. The product, AGMS (Adjustable Ground Mobility System), can be attached in minutes to a wide range of front-end-loader vehicles, commonly owned by forces around the world. This will allow operators to deploy FAUN TRACKWAY’s portable roadway systems without the need for a dedicated vehicle. As well as significantly increasing deployment flexibility, it could also considerably reduce the cost of equipping a force with portable roadway capability. The product is compatible with both MLC 70 TRACKWAY – the multi-terrain system for tracked and wheeled vehicles up to and exceeding 70T – and MLC 30 TRACKWAY – widely used in beach-landing operations by wheeled vehicles up to and exceeding 30T – another important innovation giving greater flexibility. This technology has been developed after extensive consultation with a number of expeditionary forces who are all looking to improve the efficiency of their operations.
Michael Holdcraft, vice president of business development at FAUN TRACKWAY USA, said, “We believe this product to be a huge milestone in terms of the efficient deployment of portable roadway systems.
“After considering the needs of several expeditionary forces, we are looking forward to unveiling the AGMS and we are confident it will be a system that proves popular with a wide range of military organisations around the globe.”

18 Sep 12. Paramount Group launches Marauder Patrol, a highly protected utility vehicle. Paramount Group, Africa’s largest privately held defence and aerospace company, has launched its latest trend-setting product the Marauder Patrol at Africa’s leading defence exhibition. The Marauder Patrol builds on the proven success of the Marauder to set a new standard in protected utility vehicles, combining mobility and high levels of protection into a versatile platform. The ballistically protected Marauder Patrol is aimed at military, police and special forces that require an agile and quick response vehicle for use in tough environments. The Marauder Patrol vehicle is based on COTS (commercial off the she

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