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09 May 12. China markets CS/VP3 MRAP vehicle. China’s Poly Technologies has developed a new mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP)-type vehicle designated CS/VP3. The vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of 15 tonnes, with its traditional V-shaped lower hull offering protection against anti-tank mines containing 8 kg of TNT under the hull and 16 kg under one of the four wheelstations. The all-welded steel hull also provides protection against 7.62 mm ball in its baseline form, but this can be increased to 7.62 mm armour piercing (AP) with appliqué armour.
(Source: Jane’s, IDR)

16 May 12. AM General will showcase its blast-resistant vehicle – off road (BRV-O) for the first time at Michigan Defense Industrial Base Expo of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) this week. The vehicle has been proposed by the company for theengineering, manufacturing and development (EMD) phase of the US Army’s joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) programme. The BRV-O is a multi-role vehicle, designed to meet or exceed 100% of the JLTV EMD phase evaluation criteria in terms of protection, performance, payload, transportability, reliability and affordability. Readily deployable by air, land and sea with a 3,500lb payload, the vehicle is equipped with a C4ISR backbone with open-standard networked architecture and clustered super-computing power, as well as other advanced components. The vehicle features crew capsule, energy-absorbing seats, shaped underbody and modular armour maximise protection, already proven effective in government-supervised blast testing, and can readily adapt to future changes in US military mission requirements, tactics and evolving threats. During the exhibition, the company will also display the fuel efficient Optimizer 3200 engine that will power the vehicle, along with its proposed solution for the next generation combat engine based on Optimizer 3200 technology. AM General is also supporting a separate proposal from General Tactical Vehicles (GTV), a joint venture with General Dynamics Land Systems, which also received one of three contracts for the technology demonstration (TD) phase of the JLTV programme. (Source: armytechnology.com)

15 May 12. The Russian Army is testing the B1 Centauro 8×8 wheeled tank, built by Finnmeccanica subsidiary Oto-Melara at a Moscow Region proving ground. The spokesman for the company was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying that the first two vehicles, armed with 105mm and 125mm guns, have arrived in Novorossiysk and are currently being evaluated by the army. Field trials are scheduled to be complete by the end of the year, following which Russia will consider creating a joint venture for production of the tank with an enterprise from the Russian military-industrial complex. A source from the Russian state-arm exporter Rosoboronexport has revealed that Kamaz may also be involved in the deal. Military-Industrial Commission first deputy head Yury Borisov said that Russia would only purchase foreign weapon models on a one-off basis to study the manufacturing technology and then set up its own production. Several military experts also have earlier told that the licensed production of the vehicles in Russia is doubtful. Russia has also signed a deal with Italy for the semi-knocked down assembly of 60 Lynx light multirole armoured vehicles (LMVs) from Iveco Defense Vehicles in December 2011. Developed by a consortium of Societa Consortile, Iveco Fiat and Oto Melara (CIO), the B1 Centauro tank destroyer is designed to undertake light medium territorial defence and tactical reconnaissance missions. The 24t tank is equipped with 105mm/52 calibre low-recoil gun, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and 7.62mm anti-aircraft machine gun and is capable of firing while stationary or on the move, against moving or stationary targe

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