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04 Apr 05. 1. Fleet and Second Sea Lord: Headquarters to Merge
The Armed Forces’ Minister confirmed that the MoD’s aim was to launch a merged Fleet and Second Sea Lord Headquarters in Portsmouth on 1 Apr 06. Comment: It is forecast that the new Headquarters will require 450 fewer posts (125 Service & 325 civilian) than the two existing Headquarters. The new Headquarters will mainly be concentrated in Leach Building on Whale Island, with elements of the command structure remaining in Portsmouth Naval Base. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 05/14, 11 Apr 05)

01 Apr 05. Disposal Services Agency (DSA): Transfer. On 1 Apr 05 the DSA transferred from the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO) to the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO). The aim of the DSA remains the provision of a disposals and sales service. Comment: The DSA is the sole authority for the disposal and sale of surplus MoD equipment other than land, buildings and nuclear material. 130 staff are employed by the DSA, which has its headquarters in St George’s Court, London (Tel for general enquiries: 020-7305 2740). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 05/14, 11 Apr 05)

04 Apr 05. Jaguar Squadrons: Disbandment. 16 (Reserve) and 54 Squadrons were disbanded at RAF Coltishall on 11 Mar 05, in a parade taken by the Chief of the Air Staff. 54 Squadron’s Standard was laid-up in Norwich Cathedral on 13 Mar 05 and 16 Squadron’s in the Cathedral of St-Omer in France on 20 Mar 05. Comment: The acceleration of the programme to withdraw Jaguar from service was announced on 21 Jul 04. ‘RAF News’ (1 Apr 05) confirmed that Coltishall was due to close as a flying station at the end of March 2006, “with a closing of the estate” by December 2006. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 05/14, 11 Apr 05)

11 Apr 05. Lockheed Martin formally opened its Center for Innovation, a unique, collaborative laboratory that will serve as a critical new asset in the nation’s global war on terrorism, homeland defense and transformation of other government operations. The Center offers the tools, environment and expertise to help create new operational concepts and powerful net-centric solutions to strengthen our nation’s military effectiveness, bolster our country’s security, and support other vital government missions. The Center’s collaborative work environment along with its exclusive capabilities provides new opportunities to work with our customers to innovate, stress and analyze new systems and ideas necessary to counter emerging world threats.

08 Apr 05. UK stands up new special forces regiment. The UK MoD activated a new special forces regiment on 6 April that will provide a globally deployable covert intelligence-gathering capability for UK and allied operations. (Source: Jane’s Defence Weekly)

08 Apr 05. The change of management to take place at the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), created through the merger of France’s Aerospatiale Matra, Spain’s CASA and Germany’s DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DASA), continues to be a sensitive issue owing to the delicate balance of power between Germany and France within the group. With effect from May 11, Noel Forgeard and Thomas Enders are due to replace Philippe Camus and Rainer Hertrich. Mr Forgeard, the head of EADS subsidiary Airbus, who pressed for the
change of management, is said not to be favoured by the German side. However, Mr Enders, an ally of DaimlerChrysler head Jurgen Schrempp, is expected to limit any efforts by the French side to gain a disproportionate amount of influence. Mr Schrempp has been critical of plans for EADS to acquire the French defence electronics company Thales, fearing that this might strengthen French shareholders within the group. However, development in defence activities is regarded as a priority by the future heads of EADS. (Source: Original article by Dominique Gallois, Abstracted from Le Monde)

08 Apr 05. Northrop Grumman Corporation has named Richard P

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