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Defence Operational Analyst

Salary: £30000 to £45000 Location: Stevenage

Job Description:

Hours: 37 hours per week We have an exciting opportunity for a Principal Operational Analyst to join an ambitious, highly regarded, scientific engineering / manufacturing business that are in a position of sustained growth. The Principal Operational Analyst will join a team that will be involved in scoping, developing, and contributing to wide range of studies and experimentation exercises for future air combat systems. The Principal Operational Analyst’s work will concentrate on how future products will be used and how they can contribute to operational capability for the customer in a cost-effective way. The successful candidate is likely to be an experienced problem solver with a broad understanding of the military operational environment. Benefits of working here:

* State of the art technology able to structure information, draw conclusions and make recommendations

* Able to prepare clear concise reports and presentations

* Able to deliver presentations and lead workshops, pitching information at the right level of detail * Proactive, able to seek out contacts, elicit information and suggest solutions

* Able to manage small teams, work collaboratively as part of a team and liaise with others at all levels throughout the company, and build effective relationships with customers

* Able to define and execute a ‘Concept of Analysis’ (approach / plan) that meets customer needs * Good interpersonal skills, able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, that may be dispersed and international in nature

* Able to see and understand the ‘big picture’ and think about many things at once, as well as keeping track of the detail You will need to be able and willing to gain (UK Eyes only) security clearance, potentially to DV level in the future. Please note: Due to the occasional high amount of applications, it can be difficult to reply to everyone. If you haven’t been contacted within 1 working week, then you haven’t been successful on this occasion. However, thank you for your interest. Cirrus Selection offers the services of an Employment Agency for permanent recruitment and the services of an Employment Business for contract recruitment

Cirrus Selection Ltd.



03 Dec 20. Parsons Working with U.S. Navy to Rebuild China Lake. Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) was awarded a four-year, $37m contract by Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW) to support rebuilding efforts at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. The contract is a new, competitive win for Parsons.

The company will provide programmatic, technical, risk, and build management services in support of ongoing earthquake recovery efforts, which are part of the NAVFAC’s $2.5bn earthquake recovery program at China Lake.

“Parsons has a long and successful history of partnering with the Department of Defense on large, complex programs,” said Chris Alexander, Parsons’ executive vice president, and engineered systems market leader. “We look forward to providing NAVFAC with the full range of professional services oversight necessary to rebuild China Lake.”

China Lake was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in July 2019, which caused operations to be sustained at a reduced capacity until earthquake recovery efforts such as construction and repairs are completed. (Source: PR Newswire)

27 Nov 20. USAF Selects Next C-130J Locations. The USAF has selected Louisville Air National Guard Base, Kentucky; McLaughlin ANGB, West Virginia; Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Texas; and Savannah ANGB, Georgia as the preferred locations to receive C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to replace their aging C-130Hs, pending the outcome of environmental assessments.

The Air Force evaluated all C-130J candidate locations against objective criteria based on mission requirements. The preferred alternatives were the highest scoring locations based on that criteria.

The C-130J reduces manpower requirements, lowers operating and support costs, and provides life-cycle cost savings over earlier C-130 models. Compared to older C-130s, the “J” model climbs faster and higher, flies farther at a higher cruise speed, and takes off and lands in a shorter distance.

C-130J major system improvements include advanced two-pilot flight station with fully integrated digital avionics, color multifunctional liquid crystal and head-up displays, and state-of-the-art navigation that includes a dual inertial navigation system and GPS. The aircraft also features fully integrated defensive systems, low-power color radar, digital moving map display, new turboprop engines with six-bladed all-composite propellers and a digital autopilot. The C-130J also includes improved fuel, environmental and ice-protection and an enhanced cargo-handling system. Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas will begin receiving eight aircraft, each in 2021. Georgia will receive new aircraft if they become available in the future. (Source: ASD Network)


03 Dec 20. Israeli Navy welcomes new generation of German-made warships. Israel’s Navy on Wednesday welcomed the first of four German-made warships that will be at the vanguard of the country’s efforts to protect its coastline and growing natural gas industry. The first missile boat of “Project Magen” docked at Israel’s Haifa port, with three more of the corvettes scheduled to arrive over the next two years.

“The Israel Navy has proved it can initiate, plan, lead and implement a serious force build-up program for the long term that will answer the state of Israel’s strategic needs — from maintaining our naval superiority in the area to protecting the gas rigs and securing the trade and import routes to Israel,” President Reuven Rivlin told the welcoming ceremony.

The vessels, commonly known as the Sa’ar 6, will lead Israeli efforts to protect its 200-mile exclusive economic zone. The natural gas industry, seen as a national asset, is at the heart of those efforts. More than a decade after finding sizable reserves off its Mediterranean coast, Israel now generates some 60 percent of its electricity from natural gas, according to the national electric company, and has begun to export gas to its Arab neighbors Jordan and Egypt. Israel is also pursuing a project with Greece and Cyprus in hopes of creating an Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline to Europe.

With so much at stake, Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group has identified Israeli gas installations as high-priority targets. Israel takes such threats seriously. During a monthlong war in 2006, a Hezbollah cruise missile struck on an Israeli Sa’ar 5 warship, killing four service members.

The new ships are to be equipped with newer and more powerful radar and other electronic systems, and handle rough seas much better than their predecessors. The 90-meter vessels are equipped with rocket and missile defense systems, anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, and an upgraded launching pad for Israel’s newest attack helicopters.

“Behind me is one of the most advanced war machines in the world, which poses a significant leap forward in the Israeli military’s ability to ensure our strength at sea and in naval operations,” said the military’s chief, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi.

Israel agreed to buy the vessels in a 2015 deal valued at roughly €430m (U.S. $480m at the time), with the German government covering about one-quarter of the cost.

Several Israeli businessmen, including confidants of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a former commander of the Navy, are suspects in a graft scandal connected to the purchase of the warships and submarines from German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

Netanyahu, who is on trial in three other corruption cases, was not named as a suspect in the scandal and no one active in the Israeli Navy has been connected. But critics, including his defense minister at the time, have claimed Netanyahu behaved improperly and may have had a conflict of interest. Netanyahu’s rival and governing partner, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, recently opened an investigation into the affair. (Source: Defense News)


02 Dec 20. Italy begins receiving HH-139B helos. Italy has begun receiving the first of the 17 Leonardo HH-139B helicopters that it has ordered for combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) duties. The Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana: AMI) announced on 2 December that the first upgraded version of the AW139 that the service already operates in the HH-139A and VH-139A configurations had been delivered to the 15th Wing of the 1st Special Operations Air Brigade, located at Cervia in the north of the country.

“In recent days at the 15th Wing of the Aeronautica Militare, the 1st HH-139B helicopter, manufactured by Leonardo, which will be used with the HH-101A and HH-139A helicopters, [was delivered] to strengthen multirole capabilities and support the response to the country’s security needs,” the AMI announced. Deliveries are reportedly to conclude in 2021. As noted by the AMI, the new HH-139Bs will augment the service’s six HH-101A and 13 HH-139A helicopters in the CSAR role. The AW139 has a maximum cruise speed of 165 kt and a maximum range in excess of 1,060 km with auxiliary fuel tanks. The AMI’s HH-139A features an all-new heavy duty landing gear providing higher ground clearance and improved crashworthiness, secure communications suite including IFF, and an integrated defensive aids suite. (Source: Jane’s)

01 Dec 20. 3rd MAW Advances Air Superiority with F-35C. In a time characterized by rapidly evolving tactics and modernized equipment, the Marine Corps has taken the next step in maintaining air superiority as Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314 declares their initial operational capability (IOC) for the F-35C Lightning II.

Initial operational capability declaration marks a significant accomplishment for 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), enabling VMFA-314 to deploy the F-35C onto aircraft carriers where they will be able to support combat operations anywhere in the world.

“The F-35 is an expeditionary platform that extends the reach of our Marines and machines, and increases our ability to support joint and allied partners at a moment’s notice,” said Maj. Gen. Christopher Mahoney, 3rd MAW commanding general. “By effectively employing the F-35, MAGTF [Marine Air-Ground Task Force] commanders have the potential to dominate our adversaries in a joint battlespace, in the air and out at sea.”

Having the most advanced stealth fighter jets the world has ever seen is only the beginning. A strategic and tactical understanding of how to operate and properly maintain the F-35 and its advanced capabilities is essential to its employment in an increasingly non-permissive maritime domain.

To receive this qualification, squadrons must meet the Headquarters Marine Corps standards, which define the minimum number of trained Marines, mission ready aircraft and trained pilots needed in order for a squadron to become IOC complete.

“Our maintenance department was critical to the success of IOC. In addition to accepting and inspecting the multiple aircraft that arrived throughout the year, the Marines maintained a high level of aircraft readiness,” said Lt. Col. Duncan French, VMFA-314 executive officer. “Those mission capable aircraft allowed the pilots to train in the appropriate missions required of IOC, as well as contributed towards the readiness metrics of IOC.”

The F-35’s ability to combine advanced stealth capabilities, integrated avionics and the most powerful sensor package the Department of Defense has ever seen allows it to operate in contested areas, and gives the Marine Corps an unparalleled ability to maintain air superiority in dynamic, unpredictable and competitive environments.

French continued, “VMFA-314’s declaration of IOC is a significant milestone not only for 3rd MAW but also the Marine Corps. VMFA-314 is the first F-35C squadron in the Marine Corps. The F-35C’s unique capabilities, compared to the F-35B and legacy aircraft, provide the Marine Corps with a complementary increase in combat projection and the ability to operate from the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers.”

As tactics and equipment used in the current battlespace continuously change, 3rd MAW commander’s willingness to develop their understanding of emerging technologies and to utilize them empowers the Marine Air Combat Element with the flexibility to solve dynamic problems that Marines will face in the future.

“This achievement ultimately would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Marines, Sailors, and civilian contractors assigned to VMFA-314,” said Lt. Col. Brendan Walsh, VMFA-314 commanding officer. “The successful transition of the Black Knights to the F-35C culminating in this IOC declaration is a testament to the squadron’s distinguished legacy of pioneering new aircraft.”

The capability to employ the F-35 alongside 3rd MAW’s other capabilities further enables support of fleet Marines and joint and allied partners preserves 3rd MAW’s ability to dominate the battlespace for the MAGTF and joint commanders. 3rd MAW continues to “Fix, Fly, and Fight” as the Marine Corps’ largest aircraft wing and remains combat-ready, deployable on short notice, and lethal when called into action. (Source: defense-aerospace.com/USMC)

01 Dec 20. UK progresses F-35B deliveries. The United Kingdom has received an additional batch of Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning fighters, with the arrival of three new aircraft into their Royal Air Force (RAF) Marham main operation base on 30 November.

The arrival of aircraft ZM153, ZM154, and ZM155 brings to 21 the number of F-35Bs that the UK has received out of an order so far of 48. Of these, 18 are being flown operationally by 617 Squadron and for training by 207 Sqn Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF Marham, with three for test and evaluation purposes by 17 Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The RAF’s 617 Sqn is set to be joined by the Royal Navy’s (RN’s) 809 ‘Immortals’ Naval Air Squadron (NAS) in 2023. Despite their separate RAF and RN identities, both 617 Sqn and 809 NAS will be operated as a combined Lightning Force, with a mix of service personnel and pilots (indeed, the newly installed chief of 617 Sqn, Commander Mark Sparrow, is an RN officer).

While the UK plans to field the F-35B in both a land- and maritime-based role, the priority at the moment is in reconstituting the RN’s carrier strike capability that was mothballed with the retirement of the BAE Systems Harrier GR9 and the decommissioning of HMS Ark Royal in 2010. (Source: Jane’s)

27 Nov 20. Embraer delivers the first modernized E-99 jet to the Brazilian Air Force. In a ceremony held today at the Embraer facility in Gavião Peixoto (São Paulo, Brazil), Embraer delivered the first modernized EMB 145 AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control), designated E-99, to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). Four additional E-99 aircraft will be modernized as part of the contract.

“For Embraer, it is a privilege to continue meeting FAB’s needs to keep this robust and modern aircraft updated. It plays a strategic role in Brazil’s defense system and has already proven its operational effectiveness,” said Jackson Schneider, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security. “As part of Embraer’s growth strategy for the coming years, we have invested in diversifying our business portfolio of defense and security with innovative solutions to better meet the defense global market needs, which goes far beyond our jets.”

The mission systems and related subsystems, including electronic warfare, command and control, electronic countermeasures, and aerial surveillance radar were updated as part of the modernization process, expanding FAB’s capacity to carry out Flight Control and Alarm missions and Electronic Reconnaissance, among others.

The E-99M project is conducted by COPAC with support from Embraer and various international suppliers, such as SAAB, Aeroelectronica International (AELI), and Rohde & Schwarz. In addition to modernization, the project entails technology transfer agreements that will enable technological advancements for the Brazilian defense industry.

Atech, an Embraer Defense and Security company, participates in the development of the command and control system. Six mission planning and analysis stations were also acquired, which will be used for the training and improvement of crews.

Built on the successful ERJ 145 regional jet platform, with more than 1,200 units delivered and 30 million flight hours, the FAB E-99 aircraft can detect, track, and identify targets in their patrol area and transmit this information to allied forces. The aircraft can also perform airspace management, fighter positioning and interception control, signals intelligence, and surveillance missions.

27 Nov 20. UK receives first remanufactured AH-64E Apache helos. The United Kingdom has received the first of its 50 Leonardo Boeing WAH-64D Apache Longbow AH1 attack helicopters to be remanufactured into the latest Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian standard. The British Army announced that the first two helicopters were delivered to Wattisham Flying Station in Suffolk on 26 November.

“The arrival of the first Apache E model attack helicopter to be delivered to the British Army over the next two years marks the beginning of a significant uplift in capability to enhance the army’s contribution across the spectrum of military operations,” Major General Jez Bennett, Director Capability, was quoted as saying.

Although the precise nature of the remanufacturing process for the UK helicopters has not been disclosed, it is understood to involve a number of the existing systems (not including the engines) being cross-decked from the old Apache Longbow to the new Apache Guardian airframes. A US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notification released in August 2015 named the AN/ASQ-170 Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sights (M-TADSs), AN/AAR-11 Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensors (PNVSs), and the Northrop Grumman AN/APG-78 mast-mounted fire-control radars as the sensors that might be transferred between the WAH-64D and AH-64E platforms. It said also that the WAH-64D’s Rolls-Royce RTM 322 engines would most likely be replaced by the standard US Army General Electric T-700-GE-701D powerplant. This cross-decking allows costs to be saved as many of the more expensive items can be reused. (Source: Jane’s)


30 Nov 20. USS Bonhomme Richard Heads For Scrapyard After Devastating Fire. With repair costs coming in at about $3.2bn, the navy is forced to walk away from one of 10 amphibious ships slated to play a big role in the competition with China The Navy will scrap one of the world’s most advanced amphibious ships ravaged by a a six-day fire that caused so much damage that repairing it was deemed unwise. The loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard will ripple through the Navy for years, as it was just wrapping up a comprehensive $250m overhaul that would have allowed it to become one of a handful of ships capable of operating the F-35B.

The July 12 fire tore through 11 of the Bonhomme Richard’s 14 decks, rendering 60 percent of the ship unusable. Repairing it would have cost as much as $3.2bn and taken five to seven years, Navy officials said today. In contrast, scrapping the ship will cost some $30m.

The ship’s crew will be notified today of the decision; Congress was notified earlier today of the ship’s upcoming decommissioning, Rear Adm. Eric Ver Hage, commander of the Navy Regional Maintenance Center, told reporters by phone today.

“Probably 60 percent of the ship would require replacement, including the flight deck and many of the levels below the flight deck” Ver Hage, said. That would suck time and resources away from other parts of the Navy that desperately need the money to upgrade existing ships and build new ships in the coming years.

The 22 year-old Bomhomme Richard was one of eight Wasp-class amphibious assault ships, which join two new America-class assault ships in ferrying Marines around the globe, along with their helicopters and fighter aircraft. The USS America and Tripoli are F-35 capable, as will be the following ships in the class.

The Navy considered multiple scenarios for the ship, including full repair and return to service, decommissioning the ship, and trying to find another role for a partially repaired ship.

“We did not come to this decision lightly,” Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite said in a statement. “Following an extensive material assessment in which various courses of action were considered and evaluated, we came to the conclusion that it is not fiscally responsible to restore her.”

The $3.2bn repair bill isn’t far off from the price tag of a brand-new America-class ship, which comes in at around $4.1bn per vessel, and it’s not clear that existing shipyards, already struggling under the weight of the Navy’s needs, could handle what would amount to practically a new build.

“In the end, the decommissioning decision had a number of factors, one of which was, what would be the impact of the dollars spent, and the actual effort to rebuild,” Ver Hage said. “What would be the impact on the industrial base, and the dollars spent would disrupt our strategy for investment. And then from an industrial base perspective, we had concerns that it would impact new construction or other repair work.”

The loss of Bonhomme Richard directly affects the Navy’s plans to get more F-35s out to sea, as it would have been the fifth ship modified to operate the F-35, the next-generation aircraft slated to act as the backbone of the US military’s stealthy air fleet.

“I think this will make a big impact on the amphibious fleet, since it will now be down to nine operational ships,” said Bryan Clark, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. Assuming the normal deployment cycle for amphibious ships of 7 month deployments every 32 months from US ports, and and 50% operational availability for Japan-based ships, Clark aded, “that means 2 LHA/LHDs on deployment at a time. With transit time factored in, there will be gaps in either the Pacific or Middle East and no room for delays in maintenance of the remaining LHA/LHDs.”

Currently, the San Diego-based USS Essex and Makin Island have been updated to deploy with F-35s, with the Makin Island recently deploying for the first time with the aircraft. The ships join the USS America (currently in port in Japan) and the USS Wasp (pulling into port in Norfolk, Va.) as the Navy’s ships capable of flying the fifth-generation fighter. (Source: Breaking Defense.com)

02 Dec 20. Pentagon official overseeing counter-ISIS effort forced out. The civilian official overseeing the Pentagon’s campaign to defeat the Islamic State group in the Middle East was forced to resign in the latest jolt to Pentagon leadership in the waning weeks of the Trump administration.

The Pentagon said in a written statement that the acting defense secretary, Christopher Miller, on Monday accepted the resignation of Christopher Maier, who had provided policy oversight of the military’s counter-ISIS effort since March 2017.

A defense official familiar with the matter said Maier was told Monday that since President Donald Trump had long ago declared the ISIS militant group defeated, his office was being disbanded and he was abruptly “terminated.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an internal personnel matter.

Maier, a career counterterrorism official, was director of the Defeat-ISIS Task Force, whose responsibilities are to be absorbed by counterterrorism staffs headed by appointees who President Donald Trump placed in senior Pentagon positions in a shakeup that included his firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Nov. 9.

Maier’s departure was first reported by CNN. The New York Times was first to report that Maier had been forced out.

In its statement, the Pentagon gave no reason for Maier’s departure but said the decision to disband the task force he led was a recognition of the “success of the military fight to destroy” the Islamic State’s grip on territory in Iraq and Syria. Critics say that while the militant group has lost its physical empire, it remains a threat and has been biding its time in search of ways to regroup and re-emerge. (Source: Defense News/Military Times)



02 Dec 20. ARRC certified as NATO’s first warfighting corps headquarters since Cold War. The Gloucester-based Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) was certified on 17 November as NATO’s first warfighting corps headquarters since the Cold War, the Bundeswehr announced on its website on 27 November. The certification was finalised during exercise ‘Loyal Leda’ on 10–19 November. The Bundeswehr said the ARRC can now conduct territorial defence for NATO with up to five divisions and 120,000 troops. Computer-assisted exercise ‘Loyal Leda’ involved 1,200 troops from the ARRC and other NATO formations from 21 countries, supported by military units and civilian organisations. The ARRC is capable of operating according to NATO standards with other NATO formations, according to the combat readiness evaluation. Speaking at the handover of the warfighting corps flag to ARRC headquarters, Allied Land Command commander US Army Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier said, “We must be in the position to work together as an alliance when we are asked to, from crisis reaction to larger combat deployments.”

’Loyal Leda’ was a NATO Article 5 command post exercise practising alliance collective defence. It was a key element in determining the ARRC’s readiness and its NATO certification as having reached a full operating capability, according to the Bundeswehr.

Computer-controlled subordinate divisions and corps troops were represented by other NATO formations. Divisions supporting the exercise included the US 1st Cavalry Division, 1 Canadian Division, 3 (UK) Division, and NATO’s Multinational Division South East in Romania. US Army Europe in Germany provided other control cells for the ARRC’s corps troops, including the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, and 41st Field Artillery Brigade. (Source: Jane’s)

27 Nov 20. Australian Army takes action amid war crimes allegations. The Chief of Army has taken administrative action against 13 special forces soldiers accused of committing war crimes in Afghanistan. Earlier this month, Chief of the Defence Force Angus Campbell released findings from the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry report, which relate to alleged misconduct by Australian Special Forces on operations in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016.The inquiry found there is “credible information” of 25 incidents in which one or more non-combatants or persons hors-de-combat were “unlawfully killed” or mistreated by or at the direction of members of the Special Operations Task Group.

These incidents have been reported to have involved:

* a total of 39 individuals killed, and a further two cruelly treated; and

* a total of 25 current or former Australian Defence Force personnel who were perpetrators, either as principals or accessories, some of them on a single occasion and a few on multiple occasions.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Brereton, who led the inquiry, found that none of the incidents involved disputable decisions made under pressure or in the heat of battle.

The ADF is now taking action against personnel identified in the report, who were suspected to have perpetrated or been a party to alleged war crimes.

In an address to the media on Friday (27 November), Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, revealed that administrative action notices have been sent to 13 special forces soldiers, but stressed that, at this stage, no individuals have been terminated from the ADF.

Such individuals will now be given the opportunity to plead their case by providing a written response within 14 days of receipt of the notice.

An administrator will then consider their written response before determining whether to dismiss the individual, with each matter considered on a case-by-case basis.

LTGEN Burr urged the public to respect the privacy of the individuals, stressing that procedural fairness must be applied to ensure the delivery of a just outcome.

“It is critical that for any judicial, disciplinary, or administrative action, due procedural process must occur,” he said.

“I want to stress the importance of acknowledging and respecting the privacy of individuals and enabling due process to take its course.

“Legal, welfare, and command support is provided to anyone who is subject to administrative action.”

The Chief of Army added, “This whole process will take time, and we will do this work methodically, deliberately, and in accordance with established process.”

LTGEN Burr also reiterated his confidence in the Australian Army.

“We are all committed to learning from the inquiry and emerging from this a stronger, more capable and effective Army,” he concluded.

The Chief of the Defence Force Angus Campbell is also currently considering whether to refer matters to the Office of the Special Investigator. (Source: Defence Connect)


04 Dec 20. Joe White appointed HM Consul-General, San Francisco, and Technology Envoy to the USA.

Joe White MBE has been appointed Her Majesty’s Consul-General, San Francisco, and Technology Envoy to the United States in a combined role for the UK government.

Mr White joins the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) following 20 years in the digital technology sector. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and venture capital investor, including most recently as General Partner of Entrepreneur First.

For the first time, the FCDO has combined the role of HM Consul-General with additional responsibility as Technology Envoy to the United States.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said:

The UK and the US are the largest investors in each other’s economies and this important appointment further underlines our commitment to the tech sector.

I am delighted Joe will take on this enhanced role as we look to build back better and support an innovative post-pandemic global economy.

Joe White MBE said, “It is an honour to represent the UK at this critical time, and a pleasure to support our world renowned tech sector which continues to go from strength to strength. I am looking forward to working closely with UK government tech teams in the US and in the UK, to further our growing and important relationship with the US tech community.”

Mr White will take up his appointment later this year. He will report to Dame Karen Pierce DCMG, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the United States of America.


Mr White worked previously as a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur and investor.

He has served as: General Partner of Entrepreneur First, a Greylock backed early stage deep tech fund for which he’s raised and run $200m of funds; co-chair of GBx, a curated network of British entrepreneurs; a non-executive director for the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team where he advised on social impact technology products; and a former co-founder of Moonfruit.com, a website and ecommerce platform hosting 7m sites, which he exited in 2012.

He received an MBE from HM Queen in 2017 for Services to Technology Businesses.

Notes to editors

* The Consulate General in San Francisco is one of nine in the Embassy-led US FCDO Network. It represents Her Majesty’s Government in the northwest of the US, covering Northern California (including Sacramento for pan-California issues), Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

* This combined role will lead the Consulate, manage relationships in the northwest of the US, support the Ambassador on areas of shared UK-US interest including technology and entrepreneurship, and support the HM Trade Commissioner in promoting and enhancing the UK as partner of choice in trade, investment and research and development. (Source: https://www.gov.uk/)

02 Dec 20. Mariette Hughes has been appointed as the new Service Complaints Ombudsman, following the departure of Nicola Williams at the end of this year. The attached Report includes a summary of Ms Hughes’ curriculum vitae, details on the recruitment process and background to the role of Service Complaints Ombudsman.

01 Dec 20. Liz Truss announces four new non-executive board members. The new non-executive board members bring a wealth of experience to the Department to support the delivery of its ambitious trade agenda.

Four DIT non-executive board members with extensive experience in investment, business and international affairs, were announced today (1 December) by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss.

The new members have been appointed for at least 3 years and will provide independent advice, support and scrutiny on the department’s work, to support the Government’s ambitious trade policy agenda.

They will help the department execute its key priorities including striking free trade agreements in markets around the world, operating our own trading system after the transition period, boosting exports and investment across the UK, and championing free trade and shaping global trading rules.

The new board members are:

* Andrew Hood, Founding partner at Oxford Research & Analysis, announced as lead non-executive board member

* Dominic Johnson, Founding Partner and Chief Executive at Somerset Capital Management, announced as chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

* Dr Dambisa Moyo, Economist and Author, will become a new non-executive board member

* Douglas Carswell, former Member of Parliament for Clacton, will become a new non-executive board member

Founding partner at Oxford Research & Analysis, Andrew Hood, will take on the role of Lead non-executive board member, after facing strong competition from a high number of candidates.

He will be joined by Dominic Johnson, who will replace Julie Currie as Chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, and by Dr Dambisa Moyo and Douglas Carswell, who will sit on the DIT Department Board.

Sir Stephen O’Brien, and Noel Harwerth will continue in their roles as Non-Executive Board Members. (Source: https://www.gov.uk/)

27 Nov 20. New Governor of Anguilla. Ms Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam has been appointed Governor of Anguilla in succession to Mr Tim Foy OBE. Ms Daniel-Selvaratnam will take up her appointment in January 2021


Full name: Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam

2017 to present

Cabinet Office, Director, Grenfell Tower Independent Public Inquiry

2015 to 2017

Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Director of Strategy and Change, The Insolvency Service

2011 to 2015

Ministry of Justice, Deputy Director of Strategy and Change, HM Courts and Tribunal Service

2010 to 2011

Ministry of Justice, Deputy Head of Offender Management Strategy


Ministry of Justice, Secretary to the Omand Review

2007 to 2010

Ministry of Justice, Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Justice

2004 to 2007

Department for Constitutional Affairs, Policy Advisor

2000 to 2001

9 King’s Bench Walk and 1 Inner Temple Lane, Barrister, Pupillage

1999 to 2000

University of London, Master of Laws (LLM), Public International Law


Called to the Bar of England and Wales (Source: https://www.gov.uk/)

30 Nov 20. Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy See: Mr Chris Trott. Mr Chris Trott has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy See, in succession to Mrs Sally Axworthy MBE. Mr Trott will take up his appointment in the summer of 2021.

Curriculum vitae

Full name: Christopher John Trott

Married to: Sunna Trott

Children: two



2019 – present

Juba, Her Majesty’s Ambassador

2016 – 2019

FCO, UK Special Representative for the Sudans, and Head of Joint Sudans Unit


Honiara, Acting High Commissioner

2011 – 2015

Cape Town, Consul General

2007 – 2011

Dakar, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Senegal, Mali, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau

2004 – 2006

FCO/DFID, Deputy Head, Policy and Strategy, Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit

2003 – 2004

FCO, Deputy Head, Human Rights Policy Department

1999 – 2002

Tokyo, First Secretary (Political)

1996 – 1999

Tokyo, First Secretary (Commercial)

1993 – 1996

Rangoon, Deputy Head of Mission and HM Consul

(Source: https://www.gov.uk/)


01 Dec 20. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is pleased to announce that Paul Ryan, the 54th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has joined the CSIS Board of Trustees. Ryan served as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from October 2015 to January 2019. During his tenure as speaker, Ryan spearheaded efforts to reform the U.S. tax code and criminal justice system, strengthen national defense, expand domestic energy production, combat the opioid epidemic, and promote economic opportunity. Previously, he was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and, before that, chairman of the House Budget Committee. In 2012, he was selected to serve as Governor Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential nominee. Ryan was first elected to Congress at age 28 and represented Wisconsin’s First District for two decades.

03 Dec 20. Adm. John C. Aquilino for reappointment to the rank of admiral, and assignment as commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Aquilino is currently serving as commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

30 Nov 20. LG Mark C. Schwartz, U.S. Security Coordinator, Israel-Palestinian Authority, Israel, to commander, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Special Operations Headquarters, Belgium.

30 Nov 20. MG Joseph P. McGee, director, Talent Management Task Force, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., to commanding general, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and Fort Campbell, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Army National Guard

30 Nov 20. MG Richard F. Johnson, deputy director, Army National Guard, Arlington, Virginia, to commanding general, First Army Division West, Fort Hood, Texas.



03 Dec 20. Aras and Robbins-Gioia Announce Strategic Partnership to Streamline Sustainment Operations Across the Department of Defense. Aras, the only resilient platform provider for digital industrial applications, today announced a strategic partnership with Robbins-Gioia LLC (RG), a market leader specializing in systems modernization and enterprise solutions for the federal government and defense industry.

The partnership combines RG’s Jaguar® Family of Advanced Scheduling Tools (JFAST™) software, a sophisticated program planning and control solution, with the Aras platform to provide a proven, modern, scalable solution. RG’s JFAST™ software products are trusted by the US Navy and US Air Force to provide the planning and scheduling for all maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations at the four Navy public shipyards and three Air Force air logistics complexes. Combining the enterprise program control capabilities of JFAST™ with Aras’ leading product lifecycle management (PLM) platform will enable the streamlining of MRO operations to achieve the goals of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Digital Engineering strategy and Digital Air Force initiatives to deliver a higher level of warfighter readiness.

The Department of Defense is faced with the challenge of effectively maintaining a large and varied fleet of operational assets, as supporting warfighter readiness requires an accurate knowledge of an asset’s maintenance status in order to predict and prepare to return it to service quickly and efficiently. Fragmented information can hamper scheduled maintenance and undermine efforts to apply predictive analytics to enhance MRO activities and allocate facilities and resources to cope with unplanned work. As a result, there is a delay in the availability of weapons systems, an increased cost of returning them to service, and lack of a complete data view required for mission planning.

The proven enterprise MRO capabilities of RG’s JFAST™ software, combined with Aras’ enterprise low-code PLM platform, offers a robust, resilient, and configurable environment to sustain readiness for critical warfighter assets. Together, they establish a single source of truth and digital thread from the manufacturer to depot maintenance, which optimizes the scheduling and process control of the MRO of ships, aircraft, and other systems to reduce cycle time, improve efficiency, and enhance the reliability of equipment provided to the warfighter. The platform enables connectivity across disparate systems to achieve the DoD’s vision of eliminating silos of information and enable data to be leveraged across the enterprise.

“Integrating the features of Aras technology with our Lynx™ product is a significant achievement that has the potential to dramatically accelerate improvements in throughput for our industrial partners,” said Brad King, CEO of Robbins-Gioia. “This partnership offers customers a solution which lowers the risk and cost of legacy systems modernization while solving the problem of maintaining the integrity of engineering data over the ‘last mile’ of the MRO chain.”

“To ensure mission readiness, it’s critical to streamline MRO operations so they are in line with the DoD’s Digital Engineering strategy,” said Peter Schroer, Founder and CEO of Aras. “This partnership will bring in the ability to further modernize sustainment operations, integrating with existing legacy tools and providing a highly configurable and upgradeable resiliency that they have not had previously.” (Source: BUSINESS WIRE)

02 Dec 20. ITT Enidine Selected by Bell for the Bell 360 Invictus Prototype for U.S. Army Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) Program. ITT Inc.’s (NYSE: ITT) Enidine brand today announces its teaming arrangement with leading aerospace manufacturer Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, to produce passive vibration control technology for the Bell 360 Invictus. Enidine joins eight other elite aerospace teammates in Bell’s mission to submit the Bell 360 competitive prototype to the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) program.

As a teammate in Team Invictus, Enidine will work with Bell to produce passive Liquid Inertia Vibration Eliminator (LIVE™) units. The Bell LIVE™ unit is a soft mounting for the aircraft transmission designed to cancel vibrations transmitted during flight. Benefits of this technology include reduction of noise and vibration, providing a more comfortable, smoother passenger ride and extending the lifespan of rotorcraft components.

Enidine and the rest of Team Invictus are in the first stage of designing and developing the Bell 360 prototype, with the Army’s FARA program targeting a first flight for late Calendar Year 2022.

“At ITT, we serve as a committed teammate in moving the aerospace industry forward,” said Rob Hartman, Vice President of ITT’s Connect and Control Technologies Aerospace business. “Teaming with industry leaders like Bell allows us to constantly innovate and build upon our robust portfolio of vibration isolation offerings, tailoring technology previously used in commercial applications for use in a mission-critical defense application suitable for the FARA program.”

Enidine has a long-trusted relationship working with Bell. Enidine first began providing LIVE units for Bell in the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X and the Bell 525 Relentless commercial aircraft. The LIVE unit’s vibration and energy absorption technology is qualified and certified on the Bell 505 commercial aircraft.

“By leveraging our work with the Bell 505 and 525, our team is adapting the LIVE™ technology to meet the needs of the Bell 360 Invictus prototype,” said Ryan Evans, Aerospace Product Manager with ITT’s Control Technologies business. “The LIVE™ unit utilizes two types of technologies offered in Enidine’s strong aerospace portfolio – elastomeric capabilities that make up the laminated bearings in the Bell LIVE™ unit and our hydraulic technology. Paired together, these technologies support the Bell LIVE™ unit and tune to the frequency within the rotorcraft, reducing vibration.”

Bell’s LIVE™ units will be on display in Bell’s Advanced Vertical Lift Center (AVLC). The exhibit, which is in development, will showcase a 3D rendering of the technology and will be on display for viewing by members of government, media, think tanks and others. For more information regarding Enidine’s defense solutions, please visit www.enidine-defense.com/rotorcraft.

This research was partially funded by the Government under Agreement No. No. W911W6-19-9-0002. The U.S. Government is authorized to reproduce and distribute reprints for Government purposes notwithstanding any copyright notation thereon. The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Technology Development Directorate, or the U.S. Government.

01 Dec 20. MPE appoints UK distributor for the first time. For the first time in its trading history, MPE has appointed an authorised distributor for supplying its products to the UK market. SACA Group Ltd was appointed as an authorised distribution partner for the UK on 1st September 2020.

This appointment is a direct result of the rising levels of business MPE has experienced from its home market and the growing number of clients whom MPE is supplying.

Historically MPE has successfully traded with its UK clients directly. Given the number of clients and projects demanding MPE product solutions, this mode of operation has worked well for many years. However, by natural process over the past five years, MPE has seen its UK business increase exponentially, with the number of UK clients ordering its unique EMC and EMP filters and capacitors now running into many hundreds.

Being essentially a world-class design and manufacturing organisation, MPE’s direct sales strategy has therefore become increasingly difficult to sustain and support, and for this reason MPE has now migrated to the same successful distribution model as it employs around the globe.

MPE will continue to supply direct its authorised distribution partners worldwide as well as major project integrators in the UK. But clients whose requirements are smaller in scale, or of a more occasional nature, will now be supplied through SACA Group Ltd.

SACA Group Ltd is a UK-registered company, has common ownership and shares the same management team as SACA Europe BV at Helmond in The Netherlands. Staffed by trained engineers with degree qualifications, the Group boasts 32 years’ accumulated experience and expertise in electronics component distribution. SACA Europe is already an authorised MPE distribution partner, successfully supplying MPE’s EMC and EMP filter and capacitor solutions to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Whilst MPE and the SACA Group are wholly independent of each other, SACA UK will conveniently be based at the same address as MPE in Knowsley, Liverpool. By shortening the lines of communication, this co-location will maximise the speed and efficiency of response to sales enquiries and technical questions and of subsequent product supply to the UK market. Furthermore any requirements for custom solutions can be discussed with MPE experts on the spot and without delay.

Alongside MPE’s full product range, SACA Group Ltd in the UK is also the authorised UK distributor for EMI Solutions Inc, Konnect RF and Netzer Precision Motor Sensors.



02 Dec 20. Cohort plc, the independent technology group, announces the appointment of Frederico Lemos, who joins Portuguese defence communications specialist subsidiary EID as Executive President, on the retirement of António Marcos Lopes after over 35 years’ service with EID.  Frederico joins EID from Embraer SA where he has held the role of Vice President, Middle East, Asia, East & Southern Africa Sales and Business Development since 2017. He is a Portuguese national, Aerospace Engineer, and former career Officer who served as a Project and Programme Manager in the Portuguese Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, Frederico joined OGMA (Embraer Group) in its Defence Unit as Business Development Manager, before moving to Embraer as a Director of Business Development for Defence.


02 Dec 20. Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) today announced promotions and senior management changes that will become effective at the beginning of 2021, including that Daniel W. Fisher will become president of Ball Corporation and will join Ball’s board of directors at that time. In addition, both Lisa A. Pauley, senior vice president, HR and administration, and Scott C. Morrison, senior vice president and chief financial officer, will be promoted to executive vice presidents of the corporation and will retain the same responsibilities. Ronald J. Lewis will become senior vice president and chief operating officer, Global Beverage Packaging, reporting to Fisher. Fisher will continue to report to John A. Hayes, who will continue as chairman and chief executive officer of Ball Corporation. (Source: PR Newswire)

03 Dec 20. Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE:CW) today announced a Chief Executive Officer succession plan in which Lynn M. Bamford, currently President of the Defense and Power Segments, will be named President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, following David C. Adams’ planned retirement as CEO on January 1, 2021. To ensure a smooth transition, Mr. Adams, 67, will continue as Executive Chairman of the Board through May 2022, at which time Ms. Bamford will assume the dual role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“It has been a distinct privilege to be associated with Curtiss-Wright’s long legacy for more than 20 years, including the past seven years as Chairman and CEO,” said Adams. “I am proud of the team’s relentless dedication and hard work to build a strong, diversified industrial company that has grown to be a successful $2.5bn global corporation. Throughout this journey, we executed with tremendous focus and drive to create significant stakeholder value and achieve top-quartile financial metrics, including operating margin expansion and free cash flow generation.”

Adams continued, “Lynn’s promotion to CEO is incredibly well-deserved. Her long-standing track record of respected leadership and success in building a strong defense electronics portfolio, and most recently leading the Defense and Power Segments, will support a seamless transition. The Board and I have the utmost confidence that Lynn’s experience in executing our strategic growth initiatives, driving significant financial performance and integrating numerous defense acquisitions, makes her the ideal choice to lead the Company into the future. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Lynn during this pivotal and exciting time for Curtiss-Wright.”

Bamford said, “I am deeply honored by this tremendous opportunity to lead such an iconic company. I look forward to continuing to work closely with our experienced leadership team and Board, as well as the incredibly talented members of the Curtiss-Wright team, to advance the One Curtiss-Wright vision and build upon our strong track record of growth and profitability. I am highly confident about our Company’s future and our ability to drive long-term value for our shareholders, customers and employees.”

03 Dec 20. Bezos’ Blue Origin taps former Pentagon, NASA officials for new advisory board. Blue Origin said on Tuesday it formed a new advisory board of former Pentagon and NASA officials, as billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space company vies for lucrative government contracts and readies its first orbital rocket for debut next year. Members include former Air Force secretary Heather Wilson, former Air Force chief scientist Dan Hastings, and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Kari Bingen, who held the second-highest ranking civilian intelligence job at the Pentagon beginning in 2017. (Source: Reuters)

30 Nov 20. Incora announced today that David Coleal has been appointed group chief executive officer. Incora is built on more than 100 years of combined supply chain expertise and delivery performance. It provides a comprehensive suite of innovative supply chain management solutions – including Just-in-Time (JIT), Chemical Management Services (CMS), kitting, and 3PL / 4PL services – to aerospace and defense, as well as automotive, industrial, pharmaceutical and other industries. Incora has a global footprint with 60+ locations across 17 countries.

Effective November 30, 2020, the appointment comes at a significant time for the company as it embarks on the next phase of its growth trajectory, driven by an unrelenting focus to provide Incora’s customers with leading-edge solutions for the global supply chain. Incora is dedicated to understanding customer needs and providing innovative new products, services and customized solutions that deliver on its promise of reducing complexity and increasing reliability for customers. Coleal has more than two decades of senior leadership experience within the aerospace and defense sectors, including serving as president of Bombardier Aviation and executive vice president at Spirit AeroSystems. Coleal has broad experience in aircraft design, development, certification, operations and customer service across business aviation, commercial and defense markets.  This depth and breadth of experience will bring greater solution insight and value creation for Incora customers. David Coleal commented: “I am very proud and excited to lead the talented team at Incora. This merger of the world’s leading supply chain solutions companies Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair allows us broader reach and scale to provide our customers with the most innovative and integrated solutions in the industries we serve.”


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