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13 Nov 13. The Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) announced the opening of INEGMA-EU, a Joint Venture based in Brussels, Belgium. INEGMA-EU marks an important expansion for INEGMA and will support its long-term growth with European partners operating across the financial, energy, and defense sectors. INEGMA is a strategy and security consultancy, a research house, and a leading conference organizer in defense, security, and risk areas. It is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with offices in Washington D.C., United States, and Beirut, Lebanon. INEGMA brings together a strong international network with specialized expertise and proven competence across an array of advisory areas including political security, risk mitigation, strategic communication, and defense trade. INEGMA-EU will focus heavily on providing niche risk management services and expertise to Europe and GCC-based clients operating in finance, oil and gas, and defense by providing personalized political, market, and strategic analyses on emerging risks in MENA, CIS, South Asia, and the European Union. INEGMA-EU will support corporate and government clients in investment-related projects, including mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and trade strategies. The joint venture will also allow INEGMA to take its international expertise and network into mainland Europe to grow its activities in defense, security, trade, and marketing. INEGMA-EU will also support EU-GCC cooperation through conferences, forums, and working groups that will bring together policymakers, former officials, and business leaders to enhance information exchange among the regions. IINEGMA-EU will be led by Dr. Cyril Widdershoven and Dr. Heinrich Matthee, who bring rich international experience and expertise in investment and risk management across numerous sectors, including oil and gas, energy, and security.

11 Nov 13. BMT Defence Services Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, announced the opening of a second office in Bath. Plymouth House on Monmouth Street will house the Norwegian LSV (Logistics and Support Vessel) project team – a design contract BMT recently won in partnership with South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME).

11 Nov 13. Raytheon Company plans to increase the size of its Forest manufacturing facility by more than 20,000 square feet and hire more than 150 new workers, Raytheon and state officials announced. Raytheon will increase capacity at what is already one of the largest defense manufacturing plants in Mississippi with its 340,000 square feet. The new positions are expected to be added over time. This year, the Forest plant ramped up its fighter jet radar production rates 10-fold, achieving a 2012 on-time delivery rate of 100 percent. It also celebrated an industry-first milestone with the delivery of more than 500 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) aircraft radars. Raytheon is the only manufacturer with combat-proven AESAs in production for tactical aircraft. In addition to fighter jet radars, the facility makes the Sentinel air defense radar, with 57 additional ones in production for the U.S. Army.


13 Nov 13. Poland’s Ministry of Defense aims to revise technical and tactical requirements for its forthcoming submarine contest, Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak said in an official document. The move follows a ministry analysis that determined German-made 212A-class vessels do not comply with initial requirements. The ministry is planning to acquire two new submarines by 2022 and a third by 2030 as part of its ongoing Navy modernization program. In a response to the request for information on the planned tender submitted by Member of Parliament Jacek Sasin, Skrzypczak released a document in which he addressed the drafting of the submarine contest terms. Sasin asked the ministry to comment on a report by local news site Defence24.pl. The online publication r

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