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21 Mar 05. Marines plan to Web-enable duty assignment application. Application is an offshoot of a homegrown tool that Corps programmers created to replace mainframe processes. The Marine Corps has taken an application that its own programmers created to help make duty assignments and is making it Web-accessible via the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet. In years past, if a Corps job placement official wanted to fill a vacancy, he spent days of tedious research combing through outdated spreadsheets and plugging data into stovepiped legacy systems. Several hundred officials, known as monitors, would have to go from one major command to another assigning each Marine to a new job every three years. The monitors toted around briefcases and boxes that were stuffed with paper reports—and used a variety of homegrown computer programs. (Source: GCN)

30 Mar 05. President Bush is likely to nominate Navy Secretary Gordon England to succeed Paul Wolfowitz as deputy defense secretary. Mr. Wolfowitz recently was selected as President Bush’s nominee to head the World Bank. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld essentially confirmed yesterday that he had recommended to the White House that Mr. England be nominated for the No. 2 civilian post at the Pentagon. Later in the day, Mr. England said he had discussed the job with Mr. Rumsfeld. The likely appointment of Mr. England, who spent several years at General Dynamics Corp., is good news for the defense industry. “The deputy job will now belong to a person who cares about weapons procurement and understands the key issues — in contrast to Wolfowitz who was preoccupied with geopolitical concerns,” said Loren Thompson, chief operating officer of the Lexington Institute, a think tank focusing on national security and the defense industry.

29 Mar 05. New U.K. Military Chiefs. Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the U.K. Royal Air Force’s chief of the Air Staff, will succeed Gen. Sir Michael Walker as chief of the Defence Staff in May 2006, according to a March 24 Ministry of Defence release. Air Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, currently chief of joint operations, will take over as chief of the Air Staff at the same time. (Source: Defense News)

31 Mar 05. U.S. Rear Adm. Nancy E. Brown is being assigned as Director for Command Control Systems, J6, North American Aerospace Defense Command and Director, Architectures and Integration, J6, U.S. Northern Command, Colorado Springs, Colo. Brown is currently Vice Director, Command Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Systems, J6, Joint Staff, Washington, D.C.

25 Mar 05. Rear Adm. (lower half) Joseph F. Kilkenny is being assigned as
Commander, Carrier Strike Group Ten, Norfolk, Va. Kilkenny is currently Special
Assistant for Human Capital Strategy, Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet,
Norfolk, Va.

29 Mar 05. H-P Goes With the Un-Carly. Hewlett-Packard seems to have proven right all the technology-industry pundits who said it would choose the un-Carly as its next chief executive. The computer-and-printer maker said its next leader would be Mark Hurd, CEO of NCR, the producer of ATM machines and cash registers, which he joined out of college more than two decades ago. (Source: WSJ)

28 mar 05. Athena Announces BoD Appointment. Vice Admiral Dyer, who brings a wealth of military, government and private sector experience to Athena’s governing board, is currently the Executive Vice President and General Manager for iRobot Inc.’s Government and Industrial Division. Pryor to his 2003 retirement, Dyer was the commander of the Naval Air Systems Command, where he was responsible for the full lifecycle of Navy and US Marine Corps manned and unmanned aircraft and air-launched weapons
(Source: Athena Technologies)

30 Mar 05. Boeing has named Darryl W. Davis the first vice president of Air Force Systems Global Strike Solutions. The new organization, based in St. Louis, answers an emerging requirement in the Department of Defense for systems capable of projec

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