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05 Jul 07HQ ARRC: Moving to Innsworth?. The Junior Defence Minister said (5 Jul 07) that the Innsworth site was “one of several options being assessed as a possible base for the Headquarters of the Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, currently based at Rheindahlen”. A final decision is not expected before Autumn 2007 and a move would not take place until 2009 at the earliest.
Comment: HQ ARRC has a peacetime establishment of just over 400 personnel from 17 nations. As Framework Nation, the UK provides the (three star) Commander and the (two star) Chief of Staff as well as over half of the personnel. Prior to the recent amalgamation of the RAF’s two Commands at High Wycombe, Personnel and Training Command was located at Innsworth. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0728, 16 Jul 07)

11 Jul 07. Europe: Military Bases. The Junior Defence Minister listed (11 Jul 07) the main European Establishments where the MoD has a ‘land ownership’ interest. In Cyprus there are MoD Establishments at Akrotiri Air Base, Ayios Nikolaos, Dhekelia Garrision, Episkopi Garrison and in the Troodos (Mountains). Gibraltar Garrison is an MoD Establishment. The remaining MoD Garrisons in Germany are at: G├╝tersloh, Hohne, Osnabr├╝ck, Paderborn and Rheindahlen.
Comment: The MoD’s ‘land ownership’ interest in the above Establishments/Garrisons includes those owned on a long leasehold as well as those where ownership is freehold. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0728, 16 Jul 07)

10 Jul 07. Europe: Defence Secretary’s Discussions. The MoD advised that the Defence Secretary met the German Defence Minister (10 Jul 07), the Secretary General of the EU Council (13 Jul 07) and the French Defence Minister (14 Jul 07). For all three meetings discussions were said to have covered the European Security & Defence Policy and Afghanistan. The EU-NATO relationship was also on the agenda. The French President invited the Defence Secretary and his European counterparts to watch the French National Day Parade, in which the UK was represented by The Queen’s Colour Squadron of the RAF.
Comment: Ministerial engagements of this nature are not usually publicised by the MoD, which appeared keen to stress French and German involvement in Afghanistan. Needless to say, Iraq was not mentioned! The Administration’s ‘European’ theme is due to be continued by the Prime Minister when he meets the German Chancellor for dinner on 16 Jul 07. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0728, 16 Jul 07)

10 Jul 07. HM Naval Bases: Review Progresses. During a Debate (10 Jul 07), the Junior Defence Minister said that the Naval Base Review Team was now focusing on three options:-
* An “optimised” three Naval Base solution.
* Portsmouth Naval Base “minimised”.
* Devonport Naval Base “minimised”.
Other options, which ranged from doing nothing to closing all three Bases and building a new one, had now been dismissed.
Comment: On 18 Sep 06 the Defence Secretary announced that a review of the UK’s Naval Bases had started. The three Bases are at Clyde (Faslane), Devonport and Portsmouth. The Review was due to be complete by Spring 2007 and then in Summer 2007. On 2 Mar 07, the then Armed Forces’ Minister said that he hoped to make an announcement “before the Summer Recess” (which starts on 26 Jul 07). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0728, 16 Jul 07)

18 Jul 07. The most advanced warship in the world to date, HMS Daring, has departed from BAE Systems’ shipyard in Scotstoun on her maiden voyage down the River Clyde to begin sea trials off the west coast of Scotland. Launched by HRH the Countess of Wessex in February 2006, HMS Daring is the first of six Daring class Type 45 destroyers being built for the Royal Navy. They will provide the British fleet and her allies with an unparalleled level of anti-air warfare capability through to the middle of the 21st century and will be the most capable warships of their type ever b

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