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05 Jun 07. Howard Lance Chairman, President and CEO of Harris Corporation opened the extension to the Corporation’s Winnersh facility in Berkshire, U.K.. “It gives me great pleasure to open this facility. Harris has been in the U.K. since 1921 and expanded its operations in 1971 by forming Harris Systems Ltd. We have achieved considerable growth in that time, but our Bowman involvement has enabled this to be achieved on a greater scale and at a faster pace. Our new extended facility, which includes manufacture, moved from our shared facility in Basingstoke with ITT, will be the hub for sales, marketing and manufacture for the European and Middle East markets. One hundred nations use Harris products, our Government Systems Division is the largest segment. To show our trust in the U.K., we have moved production of our successful Model 5800 radio to the U.K.”
Harris has delivered 20,000 radios for the BOWMAN Programme and continue to deliver more radios over all the spectrums, HF, VHF and UHF for other Programmes such as the Forward Air Controller UOR Requirement recently won by Rockwell Collins for over 70 systems. The latest military radio product, the RF-7800S-TR is being actively trialled for a number of key infantry requirements including the U.K.’s FIST Programme. BATTLESPACE is running an interview with Howard Lance in next week’s Update.

24 May 07. The Army has opened a $1m engine test facility for its $200-billion Future Combat Systems program amid Congressional concerns that the ambitious modernization program costs too much and fails to improve upon existing weapons. The test facility at the Tank-Automotive Research and Development Center (TARDEC) in Warren, Michigan, includes several bays where engineers from the Army and from General Dynamics — one of several major defense firms associated with FCS — can install prototype hybrid-electric engines and their associated generators and put them through power loads simulating use in combat. Hybrid engines are slated for installation in the FCS manned vehicles, the first of which would enter service around 2014. (Source: Military.com)

01 Jun 07. US Iraq embassy plans put on net. Plans for the new US embassy in Baghdad have been posted online by the architects, but had to be removed amid fears they could compromise security. The State Department ordered that the architects remove the drawings, but not before they had been copied by blogs.
The mission, which is nearing completion, will be one of its biggest, most expensive and most tightly guarded US embassies in the world. Ten images appeared showing the overall layout plus individual buildings. They included computer-generated pictures of office annexes, a swimming pool, recreation centre, and the ambassador’s residence. The website boasted: “In total, the 104-acre compound will include over 20 buildings, including one classified secure structure and housing for over 380 families.” The architects, US company Berger Devine Yaeger, said the plans were only preliminary and would not have assisted America’s enemies. “Google Earth could give you a better snapshot of what the site looks like on the ground,” said spokesman Jeffrey Willis. But the US State Department was taking no chances. “We work very hard to ensure the safety and security of our employees overseas,” said spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos. “This kind of information out in the public domain detracts from that effort.” The project has been shrouded in secrecy, with the construction site – in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, bordering the River Tigris – hidden behind high concrete blast walls. The complex, built with a budget of $592m (£299m) is expected to be completed in September. (Source: BBC)

01 Jun 07. Israel Wants Robotic Guns, Missiles To Guard Gaza Border. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is creating automated kill zones around the Gaza
Strip aimed at halting infiltrations by terrorists, arms smugglers and other hostile indi

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