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18 May 06. The Department of Defense announced today that the United States would cease operations at the Army Prepositioned Site (APS) at Eygelshoven, Netherlands. Due to U.S. European Command force structure realignment and transformation, and the attendant reduction in storage requirements that has occurred in the central region of Europe during the past several years, the U.S. Army storage facility at Eygelshoven has been identified as excess to the Army’s needs and will begin the process to be returned to the host nation. Consequently, Army Field Support Battalion-Eygelshoven will be inactivated and U.S. operations at APS Eygelshoven will cease by the end of September 2006. These actions are expected to save $13.1m annually, and will affect eight U.S. service members, thirteen DoD civilian employees, 28 host nation employees, and 144 host nation contractors. As with all stationing actions, the United States has coordinated with host nation officials before this announcement.

15 May 06. DoD Announces Installation Realignment in United Kingdom. The Department of Defense announced today that it would cease operations at RAF Eastcote and reduce operations at RAF West Ruislip, United Kingdom. Due to U.S. European Command force structure realignment and transformation, and the subsequent reduction in installation and personnel support requirements that have occurred during the past several years, U.S. Naval Forces Europe has identified these facilities as excess to the Navy’s needs. Consequently, Navy operations at RAF Eascote will cease by June 30, 2006 and will begin the process of returning facilities to the host nation by Oct. 1, 2006. This action is expected to save $400,000 annually in facility costs with additional personnel savings to be realized by 2009. It will affect 70 U.S. service members, 33 DoD civilian employees and 38 host nation employees. Navy operations at RAF West Ruislip will be reduced beginning June 30, 2006 with a scheduled turnover of affected facilities on Oct. 1, 2006. Facilities affected by the reduction will be included in the process of return to the host nation. This action is expected to save $1m annually in facility costs with additional savings to be realized in 2009. It will affect seven U.S. service members, 55 DoD civilian employees and 95 host nation employees. Ultimate total annual savings with these actions will be about $10m.

10 May 06. Northern Ireland (NI): Future Garrison Structure. The Armed Forces’ Minister delivered a Written Statement detailing aspects of NI’s Future Garrison Structure. As already announced, the Garrison is reducing from 10,000 Service personnel to no more than 5,000 at 14 core sites. St Lucia Barracks, Omagh is to close by 31 Jul 07; St Patrick’s Barracks, Ballymena by no later than 31 Mar 08 and Shackleton Barracks, Ballykelly in April 2008. The civilian staff strength of 3,400 is likely to be reduced by 1,500, partially offset by the creation of about 340 new posts. The Headquarters (HQ) and “other units” of 19 Light Brigade (formerly 19 Mechanised Brigade) are expected to relocate to NI during 2007 and 2008. A new and non-deployable regional Brigade HQ is to form at Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn. HQ 107 (Ulster) Brigade is to merge into HQ 39 Infantry Brigade on 15 Dec 06 and to be replaced by the new regional Brigade HQ on 1 Aug 07.
Comment: A copy of the (lengthy) Statement is available on request, but subscribers are warned that it is so badly drafted that it is almost unintelligible in parts. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0619, 15 May 06)

08 May 06. Army Headquarters: Collocation. The Armed Forces’ Minister said that work to consider the benefits of rationalisation and collocation of HQ Land and HQ Adjutant General was still continuing. A formal announcement about the future location for the new HQ “may be made in the Summer”, with the final size and structure announced “towards the end of the year”.
Comment: On 19 Ja

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