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01 Apr 05. The first Royal Air Force Typhoon squadron left BAE Systems Warton site today, bound for RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, their first RAF base in the UK. The squadron, which has been based at Warton for the past fifteen months under the ‘Case White’ Entry Into Service programme, is responsible for the Operational Test and Evaluation of the RAF’s newest combat aircraft. 17 Sqn is led by Wg Cdr Jon Hitchcock, who flew the aircraft this morning – which also happens to be the first production standard single-seat aircraft to be delivered to the RAF. Case White, the partnered programme which sees Typhoon delivered to the RAF at Warton in order to ease the aircraft’s entry to service, has been a resounding success. The first squadron are heading off to Coningsby on schedule, and Typhoon has outperformed the highest expectations of reliability and serviceability, with the team outflying even the stretch target by as much as 15%, and more than 1300 flying hours completed. The Case White programme continues, with 29 Sqn due to move to Coningsby in the summer. Further pilots will begin flying training next week, and RAF ground crew will progressively take over operations in preparation for the move.

31 Mar 05. Lockheed eyes Los Alamos lab job. Lockheed Martin Corp. has re-entered the competition to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory federal nuclear-weapons lab in New Mexico. The draft RFP made changes in the responsibilities for the existing pension plan, for example, Carson said. The final RFP is expected in April. Los Alamos, which has a budget of about $2 billion a year, has been operated by the University of California since the lab was created in the 1940s. The management contract was put up for bid in 2003 following a series of security breaches and management problems. Lockheed Martin already operates Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., as well as the Nevada Test Site. Asked about rumors that Lockheed may be negotiating with the University of Texas for a partnership to operate Los Alamos, Carson said, “We’re not ready to talk about who we’re looking at as partners.” (Source: GCN)

04 Apr 05. Saab gives notice to 250 personnel. Due to a reduced workload at the development unit at Saab Bofors Dynamics, notice has today been given to the County Employment Boards in Örebro and Östergötland. The move affects 140 people in Karlskoga and 110 people in Linköping. The operations in Järfälla and Gothenburg will also be affected to some extent. Talks with the trade union organizations at the company will begin in the immediate future. It is important to note that the reductions have been dimensioned in line with what best estimates suggest will be the workload situation at the end of 2006. Depending on the tangible effects of Swedish parliament’s FB04 defense resolution in December 2004, the extent of the reductions may need to be adjusted. Out of Saabs some 12 000 employees, Saab Bofors Dynamics AB has approximately 1,300 employees in total, approximately 750 of whom are based in Karlskoga and 350 in Linköping. The company also has operations in Eskilstuna, Järfälla and Gothenburg.

05 Apr 05. Goodrich Corporation unveiled the world’s largest aircraft landing gear test facility at its site in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The facility encompasses 2,100 square meters (22,604 square feet) of floor space. It houses a Super Rig for structural testing which includes strength and fatigue testing of the A380 body and wing landing gears. The test rig rests in a cavity 55 meters long (180.5 feet) and stands approximately 8 meters high (26 feet). In addition to the Super Rig, the facility accommodates rigs for endurance testing.

05 Apr 05. Responding to changing threats to national security, Rheinmetall DeTec AG’s new Homeland Security unit offers system solutions for internal security and civil defence missions. Already today, Rheinmetall offers a broad array of products suitable for operations of this type. B

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