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June 2007, MAN ERF UK declared that the first batch of MAN Support Vehicles (SV) ready for service.

The announcement signals MAN ERF’s considerable achievement in its commitment to have completed vehicles ready in line with the MoD’s In Service schedule. Over the next five years, over 7,000 vehicles of various specification will be delivered to the British Armed Forces, comprising six, nine and 15 tonne payload cargo vehicles in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 axle configurations respectively, along with 7,000 litre Unit Support Tankers on 6×6 chassis and Recovery Vehicles on 8×8 chassis.

Many MoD stakeholders took part in the final validation process, most notably the Regular Army Assistance Table (RAAT) troops from the user community, all co-ordinated by the Combat Service Support Trials and Development Unit (CSS TDU).

The main line team of subcontract companies includes:

Marshall SV

As a first tier member of MAN ERF’s contract partners, Marshall is responsible for the manufacture and integration of cargo bodies for the MAN ERF Support Vehicle fleet. The size of the task is such that it will underpin Marshall’s manufacturing and body design base for the next decade.

Fluid Transfer International Limited

MAN ERF’s Support Vehicle contract includes the requirement for some 311 Unit Support Tankers with a 7,000-litre capacity and a comprehensive fuel dispensing system. Fluid Transfer is responsible for the design and integration of the complete top-hamper system onto the MAN chassis. These are scheduled to replace the ageing Army UBRE units over the next three to four years, and will provide a more versatile ground-fuel provision platform. With a comprehensive after sales support team Fluid Transfer are able to offer service and maintenance of equipment and vehicles on site, in addition to meter calibration services. Factory based comprehensive overhaul and refurbishment of equipment to include complete re-chassising of vehicles by a dedicated team of skilled technicians provides extended operational equipment life.


Using a combination of in-house designed equipment and high-quality bought-in components (which incorporate specific EKA design requirements) the latest EKA recovery system SuperCompact is being supplied to MAN ERF as part of the major Support Vehicle programme for the UK MoD. The SuperCompact, is the third generation of EKA Recovery systems to be supplied to the UK MoD and is fully integrated with the MAN SX45 8×8 military chassis. MAN and EKA teams have worked closely throughout this project to produce a powerful and competent combination of recovery vehicle for the British Army of today ? and for the future.

Andover Trailers

Andover’s involvement in MAN ERF’s Support Vehicle contract includes the supply of 69 bespoke- three-axle turntable drawbar trailers, designed for equipment recovery operations. Each trailer has a gross weight of 30 tonnes, enabling a payload in excess of 20 tonnes. The delivery is to coincide with MAN ERF’s February 2008 Recovery Vehicle In-Service Date.

Quorum Logistic Support

Quorum, the Telford-based specialist Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Consultancy is responsible for the complete ILS programme to ensure the vehicles, whilst meeting the design performance specifications, also satisfy operational availability, and the objectives of life cycle costs optimisation.

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