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09 Sep 03. Following its success in winning the FC BISA, LogicaCMG is carving a niche for itself in establishing itself as the leading software company for specialist defence applications (See CITY RESPONDS WELL TO LogicaCMG RESULTS, BATTLESPACE UPDATE Vol.5 ISSUE 34).

LogicaCMG showed BATTLESPACE editor Julian Nettlefold, its Fire Control (FC) Battlefield Information System Application (BISA), the first to run on the Armed Forces BOWMAN tactical communications infrastructure, at DSEi today. It is the next generation command and control capability for the British Army’s Royal Artillery and Infantry indirect fire systems which will optimise their contribution to the digitised battlespace. LogicaCMG also showed the Fire Control Application (FCA) which they have developed and delivered on time
and to budget. It entered service with the British Army in 2003. It is a separate, stand alone, lightweight, handheld device for computing ballistic firing solutions for the Royal Artillery and Infantry. LogicaCMG is the prime contractor for Fire Control Systems.

In addition to the FC BISA, LogicaCMG demonstRAted MAKEFAST, the Royal Engineer’s (RE) BISA. MAKEFAST will provide the RE with software tools to help with the command and control, planning, reconnaissance, design, implementation and resourcing of these tasks. LogicaCMG is the prime contractor providing a future-proof flexible system, which uses an innovative technical approach to pull through commercial experience.

Other products seen by the Editor included, The Pilot Battlespace Spectrum Management System (PBSMS), a sophisticated planning solution that permits all UK armed forces to make the most efficient use of the electromagnetic spectrum. The system uses leading edge, proven commercial off the shelf products integrated into a cost effective solution for the MoD, Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System, JETTS. JETTS will enable Joint Strike and Information, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) assets to operate in an integrated manner in support of the Land Component Commander’s (LCC) volume of operation.

Looking into the Future LogicaCMG showed BATTLESPACE a model of the Beagle-2 landing capsule. LogicaCMG software will control the probe after separation from the Mars Orbiter and during the mission-critical entry, descent and landing phase, until it is safely deployed on the surface of Mars.

Over the past 6 years, BATTLESPACE has written about the importance of common open-architecture software systems in the establishment of a sound working system for modern C4ISR systems. LogicaCMG is one of the few ‘world class’ companies able to provide in-depth knowledge and technology to enable today’s armed forces to integrate the myriad of disparate C4ISR systems into global; workable systems to defeat the threat posed by modern terrorist threats. BATTLESPACE will be running a number of features in forthcoming issues related to software issues.

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