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26 Jul 02. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, a business area of Lockheed Martin Corporation [NYSE:LMT], today highlighted its focus on a “system of systems” architecture development approach to determine how to best meet future aerospace power projection requirements. The ability to quickly and efficiently integrate new weapon systems and technologies with existing weapons and doctrine will be critical as the military pursues transformation to capability-driven, effects-based operations, according to Lockheed Martin.

“Uninhabited air vehicles (UAVs) will be a key part of the military’s future capabilities mix,” said Neil Kacena, Deputy for Advanced Development Programs (aka “Skunk Works”) at today’s media briefing at the Farnborough Air Show. “However, we must first develop a feasible concept of operations, then derive the system requirements and capabilities. We recognize that each UAV is a total system that must be fully integrated into what is today a primarily manned battle space environment. Ultimately, UAVs will be a success when they operate seamlessly in this environment.”

Lockheed Martin’s goal is to use a skilled, capabilities-focused team to integrate multiple technologies into a total system, which can then be a value-added part of a system of systems.

“The key is to accomplish this in a timely manner to meet the customers’ requirements affordably,” said Kacena. “Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company’s Advanced Development Programs (ADP) has a long history and a long-term commitment, in partnership with its customers, to develop innovative technologies and ideas that lead to the products of tomorrow. The current technology challenge is how to affordably improve yesterday’s products with today’s technology to meet the requirements of tomorrow.”

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. is organized to perform on existing contracts while focusing on the “solution invention” front end of the business. “We optimize resources by emphasizing the cross product transfer of concepts and technologies,” added Kacena. These advanced technology efforts, led by the company’s “Skunk Works” front end are applied to Combat Aircraft, Air Mobility aircraft and Special Mission & Reconnaissance Aircraft.

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