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Dear Sir,

In your piece, ‘UK MoD likely to extend deployment of Scout,’ (See: BATTLESPACE MILITARY VEHICLE NEWS Vol. 12 Issue 01, 18 June 2012), you contend that the Scout SV programme must be in trouble because it wasn’t named in the PR12 statement from the MoD, and that with the weight of the vehicle rising towards 45 tonnes GDUK would struggle to meet the “challenging reliability requirements” which in your words is the reason for BAE not bidding in the Scout competition.

In fact, as noted in Hansard on 14th May, the Secretary of State did mention Scout SV as part of the AFV pipeline investment of £5.5 billion, clearly indicating that the Government is committed to the vehicle programme. Moreover, contrary to what you state in your article BAE did compete in the Scout competition but were not selected by the MoD for a number of reasons. GDUK was selected to deliver SV for the British Army and had no trouble signing up to the MoD’s Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) requirements for the reliability of the vehicle as it is confident in the reliability of its vehicle, whose maximum weight envelope is 42 tonnes and its drivetrain is rated up to 45 tonnes.

Andrew Boyle
Senior Manager
General Dynamics UK

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