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27 May 05. In addition to the development work aimed at the OUVS requirement, (See: OUV’S – COMPETITION FOR THE MEDIUM REQUIREMENT, By Julian Nettlefold, Editor BATTLESPACE), Iveco is also working with Lex Defence to make available a 4 x 4 minibus capable of taking on the troop transportation role formerly fulfilled by bench seats in 4 tonnes. This vehicle is based on the 40.13WM chassis, a fully militarised derivative of the market leading Daily series, with a body designed and built by Euromotive Ltd. Carrying a driver plus eleven soldiers, complete with personal equipment, the vehicle represents an affordable and effective solution for transporting soldiers across terrain which is unsuitable for conventional minibuses. This vehicle can be viewed on the Lex Defence stand.

Of particular interest to all those familiar with the problems associated with carrying ISO containers on DROPS is the low height DROPS mounted on the proven and highly successful 8 x 8 EuroTrakker chassis. Combining engineering innovation with the off-the shelf reliability of the EuroTrakker chassis, the full system, carrying an ISO container, is under 4 metres in height and fully within the European road gauge. The EuroTrakker has already had extensive success in the defence market, having been chosen by the Swiss Army against competition from both MAN and Daimler Chrysler, as well as being service with numerous European armies.

As can bee seen Iveco has harnessed its impressive civil and military research and development capability to produce a range of specialised vehicles which are exceptionally well suited to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s military user. The company is particularly well placed to play a decisive role in all forthcoming MOD vehicle programmes. Iveco is Exhibiting on Outside Stand OR90-20.


May 05. In September 2003 a fleet of 208 Land Rover Snatch vehicles were despatched directly from Northern Ireland to Iraq to provide protected mobility for the UK Forces. It was quickly realised that the standard Snatch was adversely affected by the extreme local environment.

In January 2004 an Urgent Operational Requirement was raised for a desertised Snatch vehicle, under the code name CHILE , Donaldson became involved when questions were asked why the United States armed forces did not have similar problems, quickly realising Donaldson were used extensively on the US vehicles, the MOD contacted the Donaldson UK Sales team.

Our objective was simple, to propose a suitable air cleaner to eliminate dust ingress into the engine and turbo’s, which were the major contributor to the rapid premature engine wear being experienced by the Snatch vehicles in the dusty deserts of Iraq.

Donaldson proposed the full plastic FPG two stage air cleaner with proven radial seal technology “invented by Donaldson” the air cleaner incorporates a fail-safe design of re-installation of the filter element

More importantly we proposed that the main element (outer) should be designed to incorporate our exclusive ULTRAWEB media, Ultraweb is nanofibre technology pioneered by Donaldson, and is currently being used in filters protecting the engines of the United States main battle tank, the M1 Abrams, along with many more vehicles being operated by the American armed forces in Iraq.

ULTRAWEB provides a 99.99% efficiency on sae course dust providing unrivalled protection against dust ingress. Donaldson are using this very same technology in our latest air cleaner innovation, the POWERCORE filter that is providing large global vehicle manufacturers with superior engine protection and longer service intervals.

The measure of our success is, since the first original 208 vehicles were converted, a further 1,400 MOD Land Rovers units have been retrofitted with the Donaldson filters featuring ULTRAWEB MEDIA and RADIAL SEAL TECHNOLOGY. Iveco is Exhibiting on Inside Stand CC11.

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