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9 Sep 02. ITT Industries’ Aerospace/Communications Division (A/CD) has been named by General Dynamics Eagle Enterprises to lead a study of the netted communications and collaborative situational awareness concept for the Army’s Objective Force Warrior (OFW) program.
Under terms of the contract, ITT will perform trade studies, modeling/simulation and conduct technology analysis to be certain that the right standards and specifications are in place to achieve what the Army calls information dominance on the battlefield.

The Army recently named General Dynamics as one of two prime contractors to develop the OFW program, which will demonstrate revolutionary capabilities that increase a dismounted soldier’s mobility and lethality. The communications technology required to support these goals include radios networked together with situational awareness systems that help identify friends and foes on a battlefield.

ITT will leverage the communications technology it is developing with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the Small Unit Operations (SUO) program into OFW. SUO technologies include a network and a geolocation system that permit operational planning to take place anywhere thanks to radios that adapt automatically to the terrain. SUO is among several advanced technologies that will be evaluated for the OFW program.
Other technologies being evaluated will come from work being done by ITT for the Army on Networking Sensors for the Objective Force (NSOF). Both SUO and NSOF programs require robust mobile ad hoc networking solutions similar to commercial cell phone operations, but without the towers and base stations. That means soldiers can travel anywhere on the battlefield and remain connected to each other.

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