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12 Sep 07. ITT Aerospace and Communication today demonstrated their new Spearnet Radio – claimed to be the world’s smallest wideband data radio providing ‘ad hoc networking’ capability for military users.

Spearnet offers the capability to form and re-form networks on the move and in formation headquarters. For the British market, ITT claims that Spearnet will meet the UK FRES requirement, providing secure voice communications on and off vehicles. And ITT also sees Spearnet as a serious contender for the UK FIST programme with it IP addressable capability.

ITT demonstrated Spearnet’s digital video capability using a head-mounted camera, as a soldier patrolled through the DSEi exhibition – highlighting a network data rate of 6 Mb/sec. ITT also emphasised that Spearnet can be used on the move at up to 250 mph, making it suitable for helicopter operations.

In a headquarters, Spearnet will give users the ability to form instant networks running Office applications. It requires no base-station but transmits through multi-hopping across the full extent of the network. It can be connected to current UK BOWMAN through the HDCR radio and maintains high levels of security through operating.

Each Spearnet set contains GPS, 8 pre-set channels and dual frequency monitoring. Speaking at DSEi this morning, ITT’s UK Head of Business Development, John Greenhalgh emphasised that: “Spearnet is secure, reliable and a world leader.”

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