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15 Mar 06. Sources close to BATTLESPACE suggest that the ADI Bushmaster vehicle is under consideration by the U.K. MoD for the much discussed Saxon replacement. (See: BATTLESPACE UPDATE Vol.8 ISSUE 10, 09 March 2006, Oshkosh Truck adds an armored vehicle to its stable)

Oshkosh now has the rights to market the vehicle in the USA and BATTLESPACE understands that it is being trialled for two requirements, a Light Patrol Vehicle and an armoured HMMVE replacement. The company told us that the trials are progressing well but would not comment on the possibility of the UK buying the vehicle through either Oshkosh or Thales the main shareholder in ADI. We also understand that ADI has pulled out of its partnership with ATK in the Australian vehicle contest.

However, Bushmaster looks like a Saxon replacement and its role as ‘Multiple Patrol’ vehicle carrying a section of infantry and equipment and Bowman in two vehicles, neatly fits the bill. The weight of the Bowman radio system may be why the order for the Protected Patrol Vehicle has not been announced in ATK’s favour? Bushmaster’s greater payload would allow Bowman to be carried easily as we now understand that the current fit puts the all-up weight of the Land Rover to 3.1tonnes, more than required for the hoists!

The much discussed possibility of the Piranha or Stryker being an interim buy appears to have been ruled out due to problems faced with the vehicle with the added armour. A number have been lost in Iraq due to overturning with heavy top armour.

The ADI Bushmaster family of vehicles has been developed jointly by ADI Limited and Timoney Technology Limited to provide a unique combination of protection, mobility and comfort.

This combination makes the vehicle ideally suited for a range of applications including policing, peacekeeping, troop transport, weapons platform and protected logistics.

The integral features provide the Bushmaster with a comprehensive range of performance and protection capabilities without the need for costly, bulky and complex add-on kits.

Bushmaster’s durability and reliability are proven as a result of over 250,000 km of controlled testing. The Bushmaster platform has been selected by the Australian Army as the basis for their Infantry Mobility Vehicle, which is currently in production at ADI’s Bendigo facility.

ADI is supplying 300 Infantry Mobility Vehicles to equip infantry regiments with the capability of safe and rapid deployment incorporating a range of options. The vehicle will be supplied in six variants.

Crew comfort and safety

Carrying capacity of up to ten fully equipped military personnel including commander and driver
Ample floor to roof height and generous cabin space accommodating 95th percentile males
Excellent visibility for driver and crew
Outstanding levels of integrated ballistic and mine blast protection for the crew
Advanced seating and safety harness designs
Passenger amenities include air conditioning and cooled water storage facilities.

High Manoeuvrability

Excellent cross-country mobility and handling characteristics.

The Bushmaster was designed for the most daunting Australian terrains but is equally suitable in a range of environments and conditions such as highway, mud/snow and sand and emergency conditions Arvin Meritor all wheel drive independent suspension. Coil springs, wishbones and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers complete the suspension package with differential locks front, centre and rear Caterpillar six cylinder, turbocharged electronically controlled emission compliant diesel engine providing up to 330hp (240kW) and exceptional torque at low speeds
Choice of ZF or Allison automatic transmissions
A high cruising speed of more than 110kph (66mph)
Extended on road cruise range capacity – only requiring refuelling every 1000kms (600 miles)
An optional central tyre inflation system that allows the driver to adj

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