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07 Jan 08. Lockheed Martin UK has agreed to join forces with Essential Viewing Systems Ltd. to develop the next generation of video streaming technology. Video streaming today requires large amounts of bandwidth, making it difficult to transmit in high-quality over existing communications media. Now engineers from Lockheed Martin UK and Essential Viewing Systems are working together to develop new techniques in ultra-low bandwidth streaming, allowing for near-real time video to be transmitted without a significant loss of quality.

03 Jan 08. China plans to combine its main state-owned aerospace giants, China Aviation Industry Corp. I (AVIC I) and AVIC II, into one corporation to help China compete on the global market and streamline its civilian and military aircraft manufacturing capabilities. Details are sketchy, but the State Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense is responsible for the plan. The State Council and the National People’s Congress have to approve the plan. Details of the merger are expected in March. Both AVIC I and AVIC II comprise more than 120 member units that include companies that build fighters, bombers, helicopters, engines and commercial aircraft and parts for foreign companies such as Boeing and Airbus. Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group, under AVIC I, produces the Xialong (Fierce Dragon) fighter, but also has manufacturing contracts for commercial airplane assemblies such as the MD-80/90 nose sections, the Boeing B-757 empennage and the Airbus A320 rear passenger door. In June, Boeing signed contracts worth $500 million with four AVIC I and II subsidiaries to produce 747 and new 787 Dreamliner components. Xi’an Aircraft produces in-board wing flaps for the Boeing 747 and Hafei Aviation supplies composite parts. Xi’an military wing produced the FBC-1 “Flying Leopard” and H6 bomber series. There have been concerns raised over U.S. commercial aviation companies providing new manufacturing equipment and methods to Chinese companies that also produce military hardware. (Source: Defense News)

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