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31 Oct 07. Through an agreement with LINE-X USA and LINE-X UK, Hobson Industries has secured the rights to use LINE-X® for vehicle applications in defence. LINE-X® is a polyurethane coating that has added the benefit of a lightweight spall lining that can be applied directly to metal and non metal surfaces. Indeed, the latest versions of the WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) Land Rover vehicles, being assembled for operations in theatre, are equipped with LINE-X® anti spall lining on the inner surface of the rear protective floor pan. LINE-X has developed a Blast Mitigation material known as PAXCON® for use on buildings and other permanent structures. PAXCON® has been subject to testing by the US Military where it proved to be the most effective of a batch of some 27 different products. Since those tests in the late 1990’s LINE-X has further developed their products to include a range of products for spall protection, LINE-X has also developed products with fire retardant properties and are currently carrying out tests with the US Department of Justice to ascertain the improved capabilities of their products. Additionally the scientific branch of the UK MoD is currently carrying out tests on LINE-X® to determine defensive properties suitable for many other applications. LINE-X continues to develop and test new formulations for various threats for military customers worldwide

31 Oct 07. U.S. Shipbuilder: Teamwork Between Yards Key to Bringing Down Sub Costs. Cooperation between shipbuilders Northrop Grumman Newport News and General Dynamics Electric Boat (EB) is key to lowering the cost of a U.S. Navy submarine to the long-sought goal of $2 billion, said one shipyard head.
“The craftsmen that build these ships are always thinking about better ways to do things,” said Mike Petters, president of the Newport News, Va., shipyard, during an Oct. 29 interview. “You can get overwhelmed with how many ideas there
are.” Petters cited the working relationship with Electric Boat, which shares with Newport News the construction of SSN 774 Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarines. “Our partners at Electric Boat, [EB shipyard president] John Casey and his guys, have just been phenomenal to work with,” Petters said. “The ideas that go back and forth between the two organizations on how to drive cost out of this program really are pretty exciting.” The Navy has long stated that reaching a price of $2bn per boat is key to raising the building rate from one to two submarines per year — currently planned to take place in 2012. The service and Electric Boat confirmed Oct. 19 that a series of already-approved redesign efforts and building improvements have brought the price to within $50m of the goal. EB and Petters said proposals currently being considered will lower the price to within $15 million, and further improvements will hit the target. (Source: Defense News)

29 Oct 07. Hypres Inc. has partnered with SELEX Communications to develop an All-Digital receiver for the SELEX Communications software defined radio. The All-Digital receiver will provide high performance, multi-channel wideband reception for the SELEX Communications software radio being developed. “This partnership is an exciting beginning to a relationship that will provide both companies with a compelling infrastructure solution and outstanding market opportunities,” said Maurizio Tucci, CEO of SELEX Communications. “The combination of Hypres’ direct digitization technology and our software radio will have a profound impact on the future of wireless communications.” Since Hypres began delivering All-Digital receiver prototypes—each configured to meet specific operating requirements—to various U.S. defense sector customers, the company has experienced ever increasing demand from prime contractors and systems integrators. Hypres has proven that All-Digital receivers can be designed to directly convert RF signals to digital at virtually

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