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26 Jun 07. ABSL Power Solutions Ltd (ABSL), a leading UK portable power developer and manufacturer, and UltraCell Corporation, a leading producer of reformed methanol fuel cells (RMFCs) for mobile power applications, today signed a partnership agreement to deliver solutions based on UltraCell’s groundbreaking fuel cell system, the XX25™, in the UK and throughout Europe. Under the terms of the new agreement, ABSL will market the XX25 system in the UK and across Europe. The XX25 offers significant advantages to users who require power for long periods of time and demand dramatic reductions in weight and volume. Used in conjunction with ABSL’s soldier power systems, the XX25 can provide a man-portable battery recharging capability that benefits from the high specific energy (reduced weight) of methanol fuel. Such a system offers users significant performance benefits in a wide range of military and commercial applications and is available today.

25 Jun 07. Alenia Aeronautica and MSCSoftware announce technology partnership
Partnership focuses on Alenia’s ALENET initiative. Through its subsidiary Quadrics, Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica company, and MSCSoftware have announced the beginning of a partnership related to the ALENET initiative, a Virtual Test technology that allows the digital representation and virtual validation of flight and performance characteristics of an aircraft. MSCSoftware’s SimManager is the test technology chosen for this initiative.
ALENET is a multi-year business transformation initiative, designed to deliver benefits in standardization, streamlining, and innovation to Alenia companies, suppliers, partners, and customers worldwide. Promoting an extended and integrated vision of the PLM and simulation environment, the ALENET objectives focus on improving engineering lifecycle efficiency and include strategies for the improved integration of suppliers and partners, harmonization of technologies and processes, and the capture, management, and sharing of inherent process and intellectual property enterprise-wide. This partnership will enable Alenia Aeronautica to provide Virtual Test services and competences based on ALENET to the other subsidiaries of the Finmeccanica group.

28 Jun 07. VISTAGY, Inc., announced a partnership with Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd., the leading Chinese supplier to the global aviation industry, to create a world-class 3D model-based composite aircraft design and manufacturing process based on VISTAGY’s FiberSIM® software. This revolutionary process establishes Chengdu Aircraft as a leader in delivering the world’s most complex and innovative aerospace structures made of advanced composite materials. FiberSIM will be Chengdu Aircraft’s software solution for all future composite part development programs. Chengdu Aircraft utilizes FiberSIM’s comprehensive set of tools to develop composite aircraft products and parts, such as wing skins and rudders for commercial airliners, from early conceptual design through product delivery. A composites engineering process includes many unique methodologies, such as ply-based design, fiber placement and tape laying, that are unlike any other product development process. FiberSIM supports all composite methodologies and processes, and provides the industry’s most complete platform for sharing design data across existing applications and downstream processes. From structural-based design to ply generation, part performance simulation, document generation and manufacturing, FiberSIM supports all the processes necessary for composites design and manufacture. (Source: ASD Network)

25 Jun 07. Ballistic Recovery Systems Inc. has entered into a tactical partnership agreement with Spain’s CIMSA Ingenieria de Sistemas to develop a new, long-term strategic relationship. Under terms of the agreement, BRS and CIMSA will sign a manufacturing and product development agreement to jointly develop new and existing parachute systems

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