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17 Apr 07. The Boeing Company has selected Delta TechOps, a division of Delta Air Lines to provide parts support for the KC-767 Advanced Tanker. As a result, Delta TechOps becomes eligible to supply interim contractor support for commercial aircraft parts if Boeing is awarded the U.S. Air Force KC-X Tanker contract later this year. Boeing’s selection of Delta TechOps followed a best-value source selection focused on management, price, technical factors and past performance. Delta TechOps also leveraged its in-depth experience with the 767 fleet and a robust inventory of 767 parts to gain selection. They also may provide engineering, field team support, inventory exchange and component repair. (Source: Seawaves Publishing Inc.)

23 Apr 07. Boeing Co. and iRobot Corp. signed a partnership agreement to design and develop a next-generation small unmanned ground vehicle. The vehicle, which will be called SUGV Early, will be a smaller, lighter version of the iRobot PackBot used in Iraq and Afghanistan to disarm improvised explosive devices. The vehicles can also search buildings, caves and tunnels for hostile forces. Thus far, iRobot has delivered 900 PackBot robots to a range of military and civilian customers.

24 Apr 07. AgustaWestland and Saab Training Systems Launch Helicopter Cabin/Door Gun Training System. AgustaWestland and Saab Training Systems have jointly developed an airborne Cabin/Door Gun Training System that utilises existing helicopter weapon installations. It takes skill and lots of practice to hit targets with a machine gun from a fast moving helicopter so the new Cabin/Door Gun Training System, which enables any flight to be utilised as a training mission, allows gunners to build up highly realistic experience without the need for live firing or dedicated gunner training flights.

26 Apr 07. Acro, Inc. announced the appointment of Vipra Enterprises as a distributor in India. Vipra Enterprises will distribute Acro’s revolutionary patented peroxide explosive tester –ACRO-P.E.T. The innovative pen-like tester is able to identify peroxide-based explosives, such as Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP), which may appear in a variety of shapes and forms, including liquid explosives. Peroxide-based explosives are almost impossible to identify, since they do not contain nitro groups and are colorless. ACRO-P.E.T. has been designed for rapid, on-site detection of peroxide-based explosives using three chemical solutions, through direct contact with the suspicious substance. Its main advantages include high sensitivity, high selectivity, fast response, simple operation, small size and cost effectiveness. For example, ACRO-P.E.T. can detect less than 50 micrograms (0.00005 gram) of TATP.

24 Apr 07. TTTech and Esterel Technologies announce the availability of TTPSCADElink and SCADE TTA-Extension. This software interface tool is used for the seamless integration of TTTech’s TTPTools and Esterel Technologies’ SCADE SuiteTM. TTPSCADElink is a powerful solution for the design of distributed control systems and software applications in more electric aircraft systems. It is currently evaluated by many aircraft equipment suppliers for the next generation of complex on-board systems.

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