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14 Apr 06. VRcontext, a leading provider of 3D visualisation technology located in Brussels, Belgium and UReason, an innovative supplier of Operator Advisory Systems and Solutions, have recently agreed to combine their expertise and work together in the area of intelligent alarm assessment. In the flood of alarm information presented to an operator during an incident, relationships with other events or incidents are difficult to determine. By linking OASYS-AM, the Alarm Management System, developed by UReason, with the 3D Virtual Model, created by VRcontext, control room operators are assisted in their assessment, not only by the “intelligence” of OASYS-AM, but also by the real-time correlation with the 3D Virtual Model, guiding him directly to the incriminated equipment within its geographical vicinity. In today’s process industries operators are generally located in a safe central control room, far away from the processes and equipment they monitor. In fact, some of the processes monitored, such as deep sea oil fields, are even impossible to visit or walk through.

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