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04 Oct 06. The Federal Trade Commission has approved a plan by defense giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing to merge their rocket launch businesses.Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin says the FTC has given the joint venture, called United Launch Alliance, antitrust clearance. The clearance is subject to compliance with a consent order that both parties have approved and which upon closing of the transaction will govern certain activities of the new venture, Lockheed Martin and Chicago-based Boeing.

03 Oct 06. Harris Corporation and RaNET, one of Poland’s leading systems integrators, are working together to deliver microwave Internet Protocol transport solutions to support Poland’s rapidly growing Internet infrastructure. Using advanced TRuepoint microwave radios from Harris, RaNET has already deployed solutions for local providers ATM and Crowley. TRuepoint(R) is well suited to fast growing markets in Eastern Europe because of its rapid deployment capabilities and flexible configuration. TRuepoint radios can carry Internet traffic at a wide variety of frequencies and capacities using Ethernet, PDH or SDH, and once deployed, they can be remotely configured to increase IP transport capacity as required. TRuepoint(R) provides a modular, software-selectable architecture that enables service providers to deliver networks that can easily evolve as demand for applications expand.

26 Sep 06. PrismTech has joined the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC), a non-profit international organization dedicated to accelerating the introduction of a common, industry-wide technical infrastructure for network-centric operations. The consortium is working to enable open standards and interoperability in systems that serve joint, interagency, and multi-national users. Paul Delvy of Intel Corporation Chairs the AEP Working Group. “We are thrilled to have PrismTech join NCOIC. As a leading developer of COTS-based technology that enables net-centric operations, we look forward to benefiting from its extensive experience in development tools, middleware for mission-critical systems, and software-defined radio technologies in the Application Enabling Platform Working Group,” he said. The NCOIC—comprised of leaders in the aerospace, defense, information technology, large-scale integrator and services industries—is working to enable network-centric operations within and between all levels of allied government. The global consortium works with companies from around the world to define a set of tools that will enable the development of network centric capabilities and enabling products. Most recently, the NCOIC announced the availability of its first network centric operations interoperability assessment tools. The NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF) and the Network Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT) provide the framework and the guidelines for capturing and describing the building codes or standards and components to select and how to put them together for an interoperable system.

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