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19 Dec 06. Deltek has announced a new channel strategy that utilises both domestic and international distributors in the Deltek Partner Programme to target small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the architectural/ engineering (A/E), management and IT consulting industries. Deltek first began to expand its SME focus in October 2005, acquiring Wind2 Software, Inc., a leading software firm serving small project-driven professional services firms, to build on its leadership position at the high end of the A/E space. In early 2006, Deltek announced the release of Deltek Vision Small Business, a preconfigured, out-of-the-box business solution specifically designed to meet the needs of a project-driven firm under 50 employees. New Programme Framework. Deltek partners can take advantage of this SME focus via the new Deltek Partner Programme. The programme is specifically designed to enable new and existing partners to maximise their business potential and profitability. In addition to comprehensive training and sales support, the programme offers best-of-breed technology, competitive reseller discounts, marketing support via lead generation activities and development funds, and access to a legacy install base of thousands of accounts.

03 Jan 07. AM General and General Dynamics Land Systems announced they will form a joint venture to compete for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. General Tactical Vehicles, the joint venture company, will design, develop and produce a highly mobile, highly survivable and innovative wheeled utility vehicle for the armed services to meet all the requirements of the JLTV program. The joint venture is the first-ever collaborative project for the two American defense companies, both of whom were awarded JLTV “Best Technical Approach” trade studies by the Office of Naval Research in 2006. The JLTV family of vehicles will comprise five “Mission Role” variants: the Combat Tactical Variant, the Command and Control Variant, the Utility Variant, the Light Infantry Squad Carrier Variant and the Reconnaissance Variant. The vehicle family will also include compatible trailers. The JLTV design will include a basic armor protection package as well as provisions to accommodate an additional add-on armor kit. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle will be network- enabled, provide power for all on-board electronic components with the engine on and during extended silent watch, and export power to outside systems. Satisfying these design issues, meeting transportability and mobility requirements, and making this an affordable family of vehicles will require the use of innovative technologies and design strategies. General Tactical Vehicles will locate in the Detroit metropolitan area to leverage the best of American automotive technology and military research and development to deliver the JLTV.

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