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25 Sep 06. DRS Technologies, Inc. is a member of the team led by The Boeing Company that has been awarded the high-profile SBInet contract by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The SBInet will integrate multiple state-of-the-art systems and traditional security infrastructures into a single, comprehensive border security suite for the DHS. SBInet is a critical element of the Department’s Secure Border Initiative (SBI) that is focused on transforming border control through technology and infrastructure. DRS will use its mix of sophisticated technological applications, strategy and experienced employees to help Boeing assist the U.S. Border Patrol’s frontline personnel. SBInet will be applied at both the United States’ northern and southern borders. The initial SBInet task order covers 28 miles of border near Tucson, Arizona. The order is expected to be completed in eight months. According to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, this task order is valued at approximately $67m and will serve as a Model for further rollouts. The landmark SBInet program will help DHS better detect, identify, classify, respond to and resolve attempted illegal entries across the nation’s land borders with Mexico and Canada. Announced last year, the SBI is a comprehensive plan to control 6,000 miles of America’s borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration.

13 Sep 06. Rolls-Royce eyes long-term deal for submarine reactor plant
Rolls-Royce and the UK MOD are negotiating a long-term partnering arrangement intended to establish a new and sustainable framework for the support of the nuclear steam raising plant (NSRP) used by the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet. (Source: Jane’s Navy International)

25 Sep 06. In support of the company’s strategy to become the hardware partner of choice for military and aerospace systems development organizations worldwide, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced the signing of an agreement with RST Industrie Automation GmbH of Ottobrunn, Germany. The agreement will see RST leverage its expertise in the LynuxWorks environment and its Gamma COTS open architecture middleware to develop complete customer solutions based on Radstone hardware in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. RST’s open architecture middleware Gamma is designed to enable the maximum portability of applications – including those based on LynuxWorks’ LynxOS and LynxOS 178 (for the development of safety critical applications) as well as VxWorks and Windows – in a COTS environment, delivering hardware platform independence while assuring the continuity of application software. Characterized as a real time development environment, Gamma reduces development costs and time to market while simplifying long term support and technology insertion.

26 Sep 06. On the 5th of September, Chemring Countermeasures (CCM), located at High Post, Salisbury, has signed a full partnering agreement with the UK MOD recognising them as a strategic partner with the UK MOD which will lead to greater co-operation, improved flow of information and opportunities for gainshare for both organisations. In 2005 Chemring signed a 5 year supply contract for air countermeasures and Post Design Services (PDS) activities with the UK MOD which included the provision of a surge capability to meet any unexpected increase in the UK MODs’ requirements. Over the past year the company has successfully supplied numerous surge quantities at short notice and earlier this year CCM were awarded a £4.9m contract amendment for spectral flares which are used for the protection of several UK aircraft. The partnership agreement highlights the confidence of the UK MOD in the products and services supplied by Chemring Countermeasures and recognises the quality, expertise and innovative skills utilised in the production of Electronic Warfare countermeasures, which is essential in the protection of our servicemen involved in operations overseas. In the c

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