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07 Aug 06. BAE Systems has signed an agreement with ELTAM, a leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent Light Emitting Diode (LED) based light and control systems, to promote and sell its LED-based products for military vehicles. The first product of this family is the LED-based Light, Emergency Light, Battery Status Indicator (LEBSI). The LEBSI is a combat-proven direct plug-and-play replacement for the old single function incandescent dome light. The main features of the LEBSI include a dome light, an emergency light with an independent back-up power source providing light for up to two hours, a vehicle battery monitor that includes a visual alert in the event of low voltage, and better distribution of white and blue light. The battery status indicator is especially critical for the survivability of the crew and the vehicle because it provides the crew with an alert during silent watch missions when battery power is getting low, which allows the crew to start the vehicle, move and recharge. This system uses less power than the old dome lights, but the intensity output and light distribution are higher.

04 Aug 06. Arizona State University will offer its research capability to Lockheed Martin as part of the company’s effort to shape an SBInet, or Secure
Border Initiative, plan, Lockheed officials said Friday. According to Lockheed, SBInet is a comprehensive, multiyear plan to secure U.S. borders and reduce illegal immigration. ASU’s Tempe campus is home to the North American Center for Transborder Studies, a tri-national research alliance with locations in Canada and Mexico. The center has direct access to policy makers at the federal level and pairs governmental partners with academic institutions to study and provide policy recommendations on immigration, technology, environmental and economic development issues.

07 Aug 06. Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors (MS2) has joined Harris as a teammate in the competition to develop the next-generation, Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT). The AEHF NMT will be installed on ships and submarines and also used on shore. The U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command is scheduled to perform a competitive downselect and issue a contract in June 2007 for the design, development, integration, test and production phase of the AEHF NMT program. Should Harris win the downselect for the engineering, manufacture and development (EMD) phase, the overall value of the NMT program for the Harris team could exceed $1.4bn by 2015.

10 Aug 06. The trans-Atlantic partnership of Northrop Grumman Corporation EADS Defence & Security Systems (DS), and Indra formally submitted their proposal this week for the NATO Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) program competition. This contract is a key part of the new NATO Active Layered Theatre Ballistic-Missile Defense (ALTBMD) program. Under the awarded contract, the winner will design, develop, and validate a target architecture and conduct the subsequent test and verification of this architecture to integrate the NATO command and control systems with national components. In order to achieve that goal, the systems engineering and integration contractor will design, develop and operate a NATO Integration Test Bed (ITB). The invitation for bids was issued by the NATO ALTBMD Programme Office in Brussels on May 19, with contract award expected in September.

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