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17 Feb 13. FLIR Systems Inc. showed off its Systems Integration capability at IDEX. The Company showed the Mobile Surveillance Capability (MSC) system recently provided for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The surveillance system shown was on a Ford F-450. Other vehicle types are being studied such as NAVISTAR and Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG. The 20ft mast is lowered for transport and quickly deployed when the location is reached. Following the successful acceptance of the system, FLIR is now actively marketing the system around the world and won its first export contract to a Middle East customer in December 2012 for a number of systems. A vehicle-based, long-range surveillance system, MSC is designed to detect, identify and track intruders along the US border. Soldier/agent-simple deployment of high-definition sensors, state-of-the-art radars and C2 software provides a “one-button to mission-ready” capability in less than 8-minutes. A TacFLIR 380-HD electro-optic/infrared sensor, one ground surveillance radar and FLIR’s CommandSpace® Adaptive C2 software allows for continuous tracking of all targets in the detection area. FLIR’s MSC system is capable of geolocating a target within thirty-meters of exact target location at ranges of 12-kilometers. The MSC’s TacFLIR 380-HD coupled with its ultra-stiff mast permit FLIR’s MSC to remain fully operational in winds in excess of 50mph, the first mobile surveillance system to achieve such performance. The sensors can detect and identify humans at 12-kilometers and vehicles at 20-kilometers. The target positions are indicated on a high-definition screen, located inside vehicle and have user definable areas of detection in range and azimuth. FLIR alos showed off its lightweight Cerberus camera system mounted on an LTV together with a man-portable system consisting of 4 rucksacks with a Cerberus surveillance system, Ranger E-scan radar, Rollatube support and battery pack.

18 Feb 13. Bell Helicopter displayed 1/10th scale models of a V-22 Osprey, AH-1Z, 407AH and UH-1Y in its booth, in addition to a UH-1Y Yankee utility helicopter on static display at IDEX. A new 3-D interactive program was unveiled, demonstrating the capabilities of the H-1 helicopters, as well as an updated 3-D V-22 interactive program. The highlight of the exhibit was a full scale mock-up of the H-1 cockpit for show participants to examine. Bell Helicopter has an active presence in the UAE and is a major supplier of both commercial and military helicopters throughout the region. As a global company, Bell Helicopter will continue to increase its supplier base in the Middle East. Bell Helicopter’s customer support and service organization, ranked number one in the industry for eighteen consecutive years, has service centers conveniently located around the world for its commercial customers.

19 Feb 13. Raytheon Company unveiled Mobile Range, a comprehensive solution for complex testing missions, at IDEX. Mobile Range is an integrated suite of communications, optics and telemetry capabilities that can be deployed anywhere in the world on land, at sea or in the air with minimal support staff or infrastructure. Mobile Range enables in-country flight testing, demonstrations and data collection in a variety of environments and conditions. The system combines parabolic or flat-panel antenna systems with remote optics for target and range monitoring and communications — all controlled from an integrated mobile command center. Mobile Range includes single, dual, or tri-band antenna feeds, and a universal software control interface. Mobile Range can be set up in as little as four hours, and can also be operated or supported remotely via a network connection. The system was developed by leading experts in telemetry and range systems at Raytheon’s facility in Albuquerque, N.M.
About Mobile Range
* Versatile, highly affordable mobile system
* Operates in a variety of environments

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