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13 Dec 07. Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (DGA) signed a contract with Eurocopter for 5 new EC145 (3 firm and 2 options) to be used by Sécurité Civile. The aircraft will be delivered from January 2009 enabling Sécurité Civile to face out the remaining 6 Alouette III helicopters. This contract will allow Sécurité Civile, who is the launching customer of the EC145, to complete its current fleet of 30 EC145 that were delivered between 2001 and 2005.

05 Dec 07. FLIR Systems, Inc. has received multiple awards totalling $2m during 2007 to supply thermal security cameras to airports around the U.S.

13 Dec 07. Allen-Vanguard has launched three new decontamination systems for use in a wide range of situations from large-scale incidents to emergency spot decontamination of chemical, biological and radioactive hazards, and in response to accidents involving general toxic substances. The Dual Tank Integrated System on Trailer is a modular, heavy duty mobile CBRN decontamination system developed for the large scale decontamination of vehicles, buildings, equipment and terrain. Simple to operate and maintain, it is self contained and carries on-board chemicals, mixing, hoses and nozzles. Using Allen-Vanguard’s Surface Decontamination Foam (SDF™), it can be set up and operational within 10 minutes of arrival by a single operator and is capable of pre-wash, decon and post-rinse operations. “This new system can decontaminate approximately 500 square metres per hour, yet it is simple to use and easy to manoeuvre,” explains Rob Wenham, CBRN product specialist at Allen-Vanguard. “It is ideal for continuous use in emergency chemical or biological threat situations.” Easy access up and down stairs and through doorways was an important factor in the design of the Dual Tank Trike, a self-contained unit for emergency decontamination of larger surface areas on hardware or buildings. The Dual Tank Trike is rugged, portable and simple to operate by a single person, and has a decontamination capability of 113 square metres per dose of SDF™. “The Dual Tank Trike has a special aerating nozzle which produces a sticky and long lasting foam which adheres well to walls and ceilings,” adds Rob. “The foam is thick and consistent enough to prevent any vapour or dust escaping from the chemical or biological agents while the decontaminant eliminates the threat.”

08 Dec 07. The Homeland Security Department said it has conditionally accepted a Boeing Co. border-surveillance system following almost six months of delays because of technical glitches. The department also has given Boeing another $64m contract to refine the software and technology at the heart of its “SBInet” border contract, though Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff pledged the department will be “disciplined customers, tough customers” of Boeing. Boeing’s “Project 28,” a network of nine towers equipped with radar and cameras and high-tech control centers, covers 28 miles of the Arizona-Mexico border. Despite the $20m value of Project 28, a small amount for the world’s biggest aerospace company, the stakes are enormous with this new customer. More contracts could eventually cover as many as 6,000 miles. But Boeing will have to stay in the department’s good graces. Difficulties getting the cameras and radar to work together took months to resolve. Mr. Chertoff said he told the company that it does not “have a lock” on the entire border. Mr. Chertoff will consider less-sophisticated approaches where they make sense. Nonetheless, he praised Boeing for fixing problems with the system. (Source: WSJ)

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