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18 Jul 06. The Mexican Government has placed a contract for three Grand and five AgustaWestland,A119 Koala helicopters for a range of roles including civil protection and EMS. Deliveries of the aircraft will start immediately and will be completed by mid-2007 replacing various Bell helicopters. The aircraft will be delivered by AgustaWestland Philadelphia in the United States, where the A119 Koala production line is located and where completions of aircraft for North and South American markets are carried out for AgustaWestland commercial products, including the Grand and A109 Power.

Jul 06. Italian Civil Protection Orders An AW139 Helicopter. AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Italian Civil Protection has signed a contract for an AW139 medium-twin helicopter. The AW139 will act as an airborne command post to support and supplement disaster relief efforts at national, regional and local levels. The large cabin of the AW139 helicopter will be equipped with a comprehensive communications suite to allow Italian Civil Protection command staff to coordinate all the necessary emergency service activities performed by other government agencies rotary and fixed wing aircraft and ground element. The AW139 will add to an A109 Power already in service with the agency. This new Italian Civil Protection AW139 variant will add to the many roles for which the AW139 has already been selected around the world in the public service and government helicopter markets. (Source: Shephard)

19 Jul 06. Galileo Avionica, a Finmeccanica Company, announces the entry into service of the ATOS LW system (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance LightWeight) on the Customs aircraft P166 DP-1, at the base of Pratica di Mare.
ATOS LW, developed by Galileo Avionica for small/medium aircraft and helicopters, is characterized by a considerable reduction in weight and consumption. The integration of the EOST 45, an electro-optical system developed by Galileo Avionica, into the ATOS LW Mission Management system, adds excellence to the performance of the Customs aircraft that patrols in the entire Mediterranean area. The EOST 45, equipped with three sensors (IR Camera, Colour TV Camera and TV Spotter), can locate and identify small vessels at day and night. The aircraft has already been employed successfully in operating missions where the ATOS LW system proved to be efficient.

17 Jul 06. Eurocopter helicopters account for 71 per cent of the existing UK and Ireland police surveillance market. Top favourite with Police Air Support units is the EC135 with a 52 per cent share in this market. With its modern product line, Eurocopter has responded to the increasing security requirements in the British Isles and around the world by adapting its light twin-engined helicopter family, notably the EC135 and EC145, very specifically to meet the demands of homeland security operators. The company is the world’s leading helicopter supplier in this field. Worldwide, it has captured a 52 per cent share of the public services market which includes border patrol, coast guard, law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire-fighting and para-military operations. Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the UK, various twin-engined Eurocopter models have gone into Police Air Support and EMS operations over the past 25 years, originally the BO105 and BK117 and, more recently, the AS355, the EC135 and – coming soon – the EC145. Twenty-two out of a total of 31 police helicopters in the British Isles are by Eurocopter. (Source: Shephard)

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