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28 Aug 06. EADS has secured the contract to construct the digital radio system for the German security authorities and organizations (BOS). The contract has been awarded in writing by the Procurement Office in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Within the scope of this contract, EADS will act as prime contractor and, together with Siemens, construct a nationwide TETRA digital radio network by 31 December 2010. In all, the contract has a potential volume of up to EUR1bn for EADS. The contract award decision made today by the Federal Ministry of the Interior was based on the evaluation of the written offer of 6 December 2005, an extensive laboratory test to verify the proposed technical characteristics and field tests conducted in Berlin and Baden-Wurttemberg to check further system functions under the tactical operational conditions. Both in its written offer and in all test phases EADS was able to successfully demonstrate that it was presenting the most cost-effective bid in the competition.

01 Sep 06. Nigeria police to get arms boost. Fifty thousand new recruits are currently being trained. Nigeria’s police are planning to buy 80,000 new firearms ahead of elections due in April next year. Police spokesman Haz Iwendi told the BBC that the guns were needed to arm 50,000 new police officers. He said the arms, including 70,000 assault rifles, were needed to confront armed criminals. Elections in 2003 were marred by several assassinations and three high-profile politicians have been murdered this year. Since the end of military rule in 1999, thousands of people have been killed in ethnic and religious violence. (Source: BBC)

30 Aug 06. Iridium Satellite and Raytheon’s JPS Communications announce a joint marketing initiative to provide first responders a fully interoperable communications service for use in disasters. The two companies are making Iridium voice and data communications services available to customers packaged with the JPS ACU® Interoperability Technology. The Iridium/Raytheon collaborative effort gives customers of both companies access to Iridium mobile satellite voice and data communications services packaged with the JPS ACU product line including: the ACU-1000(TM), ACU-T(TM) and ACU-M(TM). The ACU-1000 can interconnect up to 24 communications devices at a time, including those based on satellite communications, radio, cellular or land-based networks. Coupled with JPS Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP)/Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, the ACU can be networked to provide multiple nodes for larger applications and for wide area interoperability systems (WAIS(TM)). The ACU family of products can simultaneously cross-connect different radio networks, connect radio networks to satellite communications and telephone systems, or network RoIP/VoIP talkpaths. An operator can use the HSP-2A module of the ACU device to monitor or establish an interconnection with any (or all) of the connected communications systems. It provides voice prompts to assist system users and includes a software graphical user interface (GUI) that is fully touch screen compatible. The ACU platform is completely scalable and field configurable to meet customer and application needs. It provides three different methods of operation for system redundancy and is neither computer- nor network-dependent to operate. Iridium Satellite offers a package of voice and data mobile satellite communications solutions ideal for first responders in emergencies because it operates even when all other sources of communications fail. The Iridium package, in addition to ACU technology, can include: The Iridium 9505A satellite phone; The Iridium 9522A voice and data transceiver; The Iridium 9601 data transceiver; A multi-channel fixed service with a variety of fixed antenna options for in- and out-of-building use; Vehicular mount and docking stations; Solar chargers. In addition, Iridium provides services customized to meet user needs including co

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