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With the flow of vehicles returning from theatre requiring management when they arrive back in the UK, there is no surprise that DSG has now received a further contract from Army HQ (AHQ) to manage the HERRICK Exchange Point (HXP) in Warminster.

Having already secured the role in Bastion of managing the Vehicles and Major Equipment (VAME) and the associated Complete Equipment Schedules (CES), and all those assets identified for redeployment back to the UK, the HXP’s role is to conduct and provide a co-ordinated and controlled method of receipt, account, inspect, repair of the VAME and CES from Operation HERRICK. This is done by handling them in the most efficient and effective manner whilst ensuring compliance with MOD accounting policy and Proof of Good Order requirements.

Jason Spicer, DSG’s HXP Project manager is leading a team of 21 DSG employees to manage the HXP Initial Operating Capability (IOC) but this is expected to more than double later in the year when it moves to Full Operating Capability.

Jason told Digest, “Despite facing a tough operational challenge, the project moved at a rapid pace to ensure we met the deadlines and the arrival of the first shipment back from operations. With approval from AHQ, we recommissioned and upgraded the 1A workshop onsite at Warminster to accommodate the IOC phase.

“The HXP Team received training on the use of the MOD information systems including JAMES, MJDI and VITAL. These systems are integral to the HXP process and necessary to ensure coherent data is shared and accessed by the MOD customers. As the team members continue to use the systems daily, they are becoming more proficient.

“Prior to the start of the IOC, Brigadier Goldsack, Director Equipment visited the operation and left us with positive feedback. We also hosted a rehearsal of concept drill to enable us and the other stakeholders from across AHQ, Defence Equipment and Support and Defence Support Chain Operation and Movement to walk through the HXP processes and to test for robustness. The session went well with no major issues identified.”

With the IOC phase achieved, the team has already started to deal with the influx of VAME and CES arriving from Marchwood and Brize Norton ahead of schedule. This has given the team the opportunity to test out its processes and identify improvements and refinements.

Jason added, “We are working in a synchronised manner with the Equipment Redeployment Hub Forward in Bastion and are joined up in the use of the MOD information systems to ensure we understand the order and condition of equipment. We are also working with AHQ to develop prioritised plans for the inspection and repair of the VAME based on AHQ equipment needs and material availability.

“Even though the project has only just started, the team are conscious of ways to improve the process and provide greater value for money and are developing relationships with AHQ to ascertain future support opportunities.”

The HXP team had the opportunity to showcase progress to date during a visit in early May by Major General Paul Jaques, Director General Logistics Support and Equipment. The Major General spent time viewing the facility and looking at the state of the equipment returning from operation. Throughout his visit he was complimentary with the developments and the work undertaken by the team.

Archie Hughes, DSG Chief Executive said, “Despite the uncertainties that the sale of DSG brings, our employees remain focussed in their role supporting the Armed Forces and the quick turn around to meet this project’s timeframe shows the team’s commitment. Having already proved our merit in support of many high profile projects such as the Equipment Sustainability System and the Equipment Redeployment Hub Forward in Bastion, securing the HXP extends our capability offering and deepens our ability to provide a fleet management service for current and future operations b

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