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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

05 Jun 07. Harris Corporation showed a variety of new products at its factory opening on Monday

Falcon Watch™ RF-5400 Sensor Systems

Throughout the world, military and homeland security forces face an increasing need to provide safety and security to troops and highvalue assets. The Harris Falcon Watch unattended ground sensors are a force-multiplier solution with a network of easily deployed, remotely located products that detect the movement of personnel and vehicles. The Harris RF-5400 Falcon Watch Sensor
Systems are fully integrated with FALCON® II radios and are ideal for surveillance and monitoring of high-value assets such as troop encampments, airfields, base installations, supply routes, and depots. In larger networks, the Falcon Watch Sensor Systems can also be used to monitor and protect national borders, regional boundaries, and assets in homeland defense and peacekeeping operations. The Falcon Watch wireless sensors are remote, battery-operated products that provide commanders with critical surveillance data on a 24- hour basis. While most sensors have an insufficient battery life, the Falcon Watch System’s power efficient architecture extends battery life. Falcon Watch Sensor Systems are designed to minimize false alarms by filtering out uneventful detections such as animal movement near the sensor nodes. Therefore, only valid intrusion events are seamlessly communicated to the commander and to the Harris FALCON II radios in the network.

The new range of Falcon Watch RF-5400 allow the user to detect incoming vehicles and personnel at stand-off distances in real time to allow response. For Perimeter Surveillance the system allows unattended detection of intrusions by people or vehicles while minimizing false alarms. The event is transmitted to command posts inside and outside the protected area. Falcon watch also allows remotely located detection of personnel or vehicles with long, unattended lifetimes. The system can relay event information via VHF line-of-sight or satellite communications.

The RF-5400 family of Sensor System products has been developed to operate seamlessly with the Harris FALCON II family of tactical radios. Alarm data from the RF-5400 sensors is communicated directly to each of the FALCON II Multiband or VHF handheld radios in the network. The soldier is alerted to a sensor event via audible message or on-screen display. Larger-scale sensor systems also have the option of displaying the sensor event data on the RF-6910 FALCON II Situational Awareness system (C2PC-CNR) through the RF-5410 Sensor Management Application, thereby integrating the sensor data for complete situational awareness with other assets such as GPS reporting from the mobile FALCON II radios. With onboard data fusion in the sensors, false alarms and nuisance alerts (e.g., animal motion) are minimized and only real threats are communicated throughout the network.


The RF-300W Broadband Ethernet Radio is a long-range, high-capacity wireless IP
System which operates in the 4.4-5.0 GHz frequency band. It is lightweight and easy to deploy and leverages proven OFDM.

Under clear line-of-sight conditions, the RF-300W can provide robust, long-range connectivity at distances beyond 50 km. The all-Internet Protocol (IP) design of the RF-300W delivers a seamless extension of Ethernet LANs and WANs, supporting data rates of up to 108 Mbps. The RF-300W is an ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP, real time video, teleconferencing, and C4I. Designed for the harshest outdoor conditions, the radio receives DC power over Ethernet from the indoor unit via standard CAT-5 Ethernet cable. Operating over the 4.4–5 GHz frequency band, the RF-300W is an ideal wireless networking solution for public safety, first responders, training and simulation networks, and long/short-haul batt

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