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01 Oct 13. Lockheed Martin and Concord Blue USA, Inc., have reached an agreement to offer an advanced waste conversion system to address waste disposal, energy security and climate control issues. Advanced waste conversion is an emerging technology that uses gasification processes to convert waste products to electricity, heat and synthetic fuels. This solution addresses the current burden on landfills, conventional incineration and fossil fuels, as well as the desire for green baseload energy. Lockheed Martin will provide its engineering, program management, procurement, manufacturing and integration experience to apply Concord Blue’s patented technology globally in the expanding waste-to-energy arena. Concord Blue has developed a closed-loop, commercially-proven, non-polluting process that recycles waste into energy at virtually any scale. By working closely with leading businesses, governments and communities around the globe, Concord Blue creates tailored solutions that safely and effectively dispose of waste while producing clean energy through advanced waste conversion.

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