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30 Apr 13. Four pilot-scale biorefineries have been selected by the Department of Energy to receive a total of USD18m in funding to test renewable drop-in biofuels that meet military specifications for jet fuel and marine diesel. The DoE said that recipients of the funding awards will be required to contribute a minimum of 50% matching funds for their projects. The four projects build on the Obama administration’s broader efforts to advance biofuels technologies by continuing to bring down costs, improve performance, identify effective non-food feedstocks and processing techniques, and assist the organisations in scaling up to commercial production levels, the department said. (Source: Jane’s)

06 May 13. Could a Greener Military Prove More Powerful? An army marches on its stomach, according to an old military adage. Today’s military is tethered to a gas pump. The amount of fuel used per individual soldier has skyrocketed in recent years because of an increased use of aircraft and armored vehicles. In Afghanistan, that dependency has meant long and costly supply lines that are vulnerable to attack and limit the reach of American forces. The Pentagon increasingly sees this energy dependence as a military weakness and is trying to reduce it. The Navy is attempting to transition to biofuels for its ships and planes, and the Army and Marine Corps are exploring a host of initiatives, including using solar energy to power radio batteries. (Source: glstrade.com/USA Today)

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