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GD Canada will be displaying MIL-SPEC computer and display products to the US Army and industry participants at this year’s AUSA (Association of the US Army) Conference, October 6-8, on GDC4S family booth number 1311.

The company is featuring:

A New Family of 10.4″ displays: 1040AMV, 1041AM-A, 1042AM-B
There is never enough space to add a new display to a crewstation, yet there is a wealth of valuable command, control, and communications data, and now a proliferation of essential night and day vision video data available. GD Canada’s newest 10″ diagonal military-spec video displays and multifunction displays provide a number of solutions. These low-profile, fully militarized solutions are available in two basic configurations (video and multifunction), with an array of options. The video configuration can switch between two RS-170 NTSC (or optionally PAL) sources, such as a daylight camera and a night vision infrared camera. The multifunction configuration can select between two video inputs and two analog inputs, such as computer and digital signal. Resolutions of 640×480, 800×600, and 1024×768 can be provided, and two types of control device options are available on the multifunction version: bezel keys with serial data output, and touchscreens. Images and a list of specifications and dimensions are available at: (under 10.4″ display)

A new 8.4″ smart display unit: 841-AMS
This second generation MIL-SPEC “smart display” unit contains an Intel-based standard computer and active-matrix color display in a casing no larger than many displays alone. Ideal applications include control panels, diagnostic panels, command, control, and communications computer units. The new 840AMS has been redesigned to accommodate ease of installation and removal in vehicle cabs. The Soldier – Machine Interface, bezel and connector layout have been refined. The system power is sufficiently versatile (via its MIL-STD-1275A power supply) to provide power to the other devices. The new 840AMS has a lithium-ion battery pack that provides up to 2 hours of full-brightness operation for dismounted usage.

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