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26 May. The decision on contractors for the first phase of the planned U.S. Future Tactical Truck Systems (FTTS) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) program will be announced on May 28th. Below we give details of the requirement

Executive Summary

The draft solicitation is to get feedback from industry on the planned Future Tactical Truck Systems (FTTS) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) program. The program objective is to assess key technologies and emerging Future Army (FA) Sustainment Concepts in developing the requirements of an optimized distribution platform, as well as the command and control platform for the Unit of Action.

The requirements address all variants with an emphasis on the Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle (MSV) Distribution and Utility Vehicle (UV) Support variants with companion trailers. The initial work is Modeling and Simulation (M&S) primarily focused on the MSV Distribution and UV Support variants and companion trailers (but including limited consideration of the other variants) and resulting in a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and a Critical Design Review (CDR). Following CDR, the work includes additional M&S (including detailed M&S of the other variants), building seven (7) MSV Distribution and ten (10) UV Support variants (with seven (7) MSV companion trailers and two (2) UV companion trailers) for conduct of a Military Utility Assessment (MUA). Contractor support to the MUA and follow on support for residual usage is also required. We plan to award multiple contracts for the work through CDR. Following the CDR we plan to down select to one or more contractors to complete the balance of the work.

Acquisition Milestone Schedule:

The current milestone schedule for this acquisition is as follows:

Formal Solicitation issued 16 Jan 2004

Receipt of Proposals 15 Mar 2004

Discussions & Negotiations completed 10 May 2004

Contract Award 28 May 2004


The funding available for the entire procurement is approximately $40M. The initial M&S through CDR will be funded with Government Fiscal Year (FY) 04 funds of approximately $12M. After down select to one or more contractors, FY05 funds are approximately $24M for detailed M&S demonstrators and MUA support. The residual support is approximately $3M to be funded in FY06 and FY07.

Organizational Conflicts of Interest

The nature of this proposed acquisition is such that there is the potential for certain organizations, consultants, and other entities to be involved with industry in the proposal preparation process, or during contract performance. Those same organizations, consultants, and other entities may also potentially provide advisory and assistance services to the Government concerning contract performance. Involvement with both industry and the Government may result in the potential for bias or unfair competitive advantage in performing their respective requirements. Government policy is to preclude even the appearance of bias or unfair competitive advantage. The Government will not knowingly contract for services concerning contract performance which create an actual or appearance of a conflict. Accordingly, parties with the opportunity to perform work for both industry and the Government should carefully consider their choices for participating in this effort, since participation with either industry or the Government may preclude participation with the other. The Government is considering whether to include an exclusionary provision in the formal solicitation and resulting contracts.

The Government does not plan to utilize contractors as part of the Source Selection process, other than in normal general administrative support roles, such as administering computer systems including email, etc.

Comments are specifically invited on all aspects of Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCOI) as it relates to

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