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17 Feb 05. Denny Dillinger, CEO of Stewart & Stevenson gave BATTLESPAXCE Editor Julian Nettlefold a brief on the outcome of the FTTS initial projects. S&S was chosen for all programs, the MSV (13 tonnes with an 11 tonnes threshold) with Oshkosh, UV (3 tonnes threshold) with its ‘G’ Wagen offering against, AM General, International, and Lockheed Martin with a derivative of the HMT vehicle.

A Critical Design Review will take place in June after the submission of the simulations and a decision will be made 2 weeks later when 3-7 prototypes will be requested from the winners.

There will be a trials ‘Rodeo’ in May of 06 to decide whether to downselect to one contractor or continue with three. On top of this there will be an annual rode taking place in January during which existing trucks such as Heavy a3, FMTV A2 and light vehicles will be trialed as well as the FTTS prototypes and other submissions from out side companies not selected under the Program.

One Program under consideration is for the DoD to nominate an annual upgrade Program for trucks on an annual basis such as now happens in the motor industry. Scott Gourley will cover these developments in out June Special Military Vehicle DVD issue.

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