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13 Sep 07. Innovative, thermal imaging is FLIR Systems’ constant goal and the latest addition to its range provides further proof of this commitment. The HRC-59 x 735 and HRC-40 x 490 are equipped with powerful optical zoom capability on the thermal image, a superior alternative to systems using a rotating lens.

This facility allows the cameras to see much more detail once a target has been detected, complementing the excellent situaional awareness provided respectively by their 59 x 735mm and 40 x 490mm lenses. Rotating lens systems interrupt visual contact with the target whereas the new HRC cameras allow the operator to gradually zoom to without losing that focus. There is no switching or swapping between images involved to distract the operator.

These HRC Series is designed to operate over an extremely long range. The cameras are extremely suited for border and coastal surveillance but also for mid-range threat detection. Both cameras are equipped with a highly reliable, mid-wave, cooled indium antimonide (lnSb) detector that produces crisp thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen.

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