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14 Jun 07. Merchant Navy contribution to the Falklands conflict remembered at Trinity Square wreath laying. The vital contribution made by the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary to the Falklands Conflict will be marked by a sunset wreath laying ceremony at the Merchant Navy Falklands War Memorial in
Trinity Square on the evening of Friday 15th June. HRH Prince Michael of Kent will lay a wreath during the Service of Remembrance to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Falklands Conflict.

14 Jun 07. Her Majesty the Queen remembers Falklands fallen 25 years on from Liberation Day 1982. Twenty-five years ago on 14 June 1982 the Falkland Islands were liberated from Argentine occupation. The campaign saw the loss of 255
service and civilian personnel, and three Islanders. Today sees the
first official commemorative event marking Falklands 25, with HM The
Queen and the Prime Minister joining families and veterans in a Service of Thanksgiving at the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel in Berkshire. Preceded by a flypast of four Joint Force Harriers, representing the Harrier Squadrons from the time, the Service of Thanksgiving remembers those who lost their lives in the Conflict, and will be attended by their families, children and friends who have borne with the cost of that sacrifice over the last 25 years. Secretary of State for Defence Des Browne will be attending the Service. He said: “The Liberation of the Falkland Islands was a huge achievement for our forces, operating in harsh conditions more than 8000 miles away. Our anniversary commemorations will show our appreciation for Falklands Veterans and their families. It is fitting that we begin by remembering the fallen and those whose lives have been changed by their loss.

11 Jun 07. Free mental health assessment for Falklands and Afghanistan Veterans launched. A Medical Assessment Programme set up to help Gulf War Veterans to
seek advice on injuries that may be related to military service has
been vastly expanded to allow a wide range of service veterans to
benefit from the medical service. The Medical Assessment Programme (MAP), which is based at St Thomas’ Hospital in London will now offer a mental health consultancy programme for all Veterans who served since 1982. This includes all
those who fought in the Falklands.

08 Jun 07. Falklands conflict this week 1982: 11 -17 june

11 June
* Battle for Stanley begins.
* 42 Commando attack Mount Harriet.
* 45 Commando attack Two Sisters.
* 3 Para attack Mount Longdon.
Brian Falkner – Was the Col Sgt in charge of the Regimental Aid Post
(RAP), saving many lives including that of Denzil Connick. The RAP
was situated 50-100 yards behind the fighting troops at the battle
line. It was his job to go forward to assess the casualties (dead and
injured) of both sides. He would then return to the RAP and brief the
stretcher bearers and go back with them to collect the casualties
returning them to the RAP. He was awarded the DCM (Distinguished
Conduct Medal) for his bravery.
Major (retd) John Francis MBE. Served as a Battery Sergeant Major of
7 Commando Battery Royal Artillery supporting 45 Commando o, and
fought throughout the campaign. His was the first gun battery ashore
with 3 Para at Port San Carlos, and moved three guns onto Mount Kent
overnight 30-31 May. On 31 May they fired on Moody Brook, and gave
direct fire support to Special Forces. They also supported operations
at Two Sisters, Mount Longdon, Tumbledown and Wireless Ridge. Part of
his ammunition built fortification from Mount Harriet to Mount Longdon is part of the battlefield tour to this day. He received a Mention in Despatches. John served in the British Army for 42 years and currently works for BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Servicemen Association) as a welfare officer and arranges adventure training weeks for the members of past and current conflicts.

12 June
* All attacks successful by

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