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20 Oct 05. Unconfirmed reports suggest that contrary to a release issued last week that ‘all is well at Asian Aerospace,’ that partners Reed and Singapore Technologies have chosen to go their separate ways. This comes after Singapore Technologies refused to fund a new Exhibition Hall and the Singapore Government would only do so if the money was repaid by Reed through higher stand rates. Reed is believed to have baulked at this stating that stand rates are already at the top end with little slack. This was made clear to BATTLESPACE earlier this month given the huge rate believed to have been charged to Northrop for bringing their Global Hawk in 2004 as a centrepiece exhibit. Reed is believed to be going its own way with a Changi Show in 2007 with Singpaore having its own show, the start of the usual ‘pissing contest’. Quite clearly what industry needs, given current budgetary restraints, is fewer not more shows; we await the final victor with interest!

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