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Aug 07. Defence to 2020 and Beyond 10 September 2007, London

How to cope with uncertainty – the immediate challenges for governments, the military and industry

Key speakers include:
Lieutenant General David Richards, Commander, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
Lieutenant General James Mattis, Commander, United States Marine Forces Central Command
Lieutenant General Dick Applegate, Chief of Defence Materiel (Land), MoD
Lieutenant General Andrew Figgures, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Equipment Capability), Ministry of Defence
Vice Admiral Gérard Valin, DCOS (Plans & Capabilities), French Navy
Mr Mark Kimmitt, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East,
US Department of Defense
Rear Admiral Chris Parry, Director General Development, Concepts and Doctrine, DCDC
Dr Anthony Cordesman, Arleigh A Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic
and International Studies

In 1990 the threats of today were not envisaged.

Will this be equally true of the situation that will confront the world in the 2020s?

This highly authoritative conference will look at and assess the priorities for defence ministries and the business opportunities for those who supply defence equipment.

Key topics:
• The future of warfare – what should be anticipated?
• Are we preparing ourselves to meet the main risks of the 2020s and beyond?
• What are the equipment implications?
• How can industry contribute to meeting future naval and expeditionary requirements?
• Are acquisition time spans too long and costly, and are they sufficiently flexible?
• Do the US, the UK and their allies have the correct balance of capabilities to cope with extreme uncertainty? Register before 3 August and take advantage of the discounted early-bird registration


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