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Apr 07. AUVSI’S Unmanned Systems Europe 2007 is an annual conference and exhibition for the leaders of Europe’s Unmanned Systems Marketplace.
UAV – Chances and challenges from a political perspective
Alexander Bonde, Member of the German Parliament
UAV Certification and Qualification Plan
Richard Sleeman, ASD Working Group
NATO Flight in Non-Segregated Airspace
Commander Max Snow, FINAS Chair, Royal Navy
Lessons Learned – UAS in the Operational Environment
BGen Elia Baldazzi, Joint Air Power Competence Centre, GERMANY
German Euro Hawk Program
Franz Bucher, EADS, GERMANY
UAV ‘Built-in’ Safety Protection: A Knowledge-Centered Approach
Dr Ivan Burdun, Intelonics, Ltd., RUSSIA
UAVs for EU Maritime Surveillance Missions
Col Maurice De Langlois, European Defence Agency
Dewar Donnithorne-Tait, AUVSI Institute, UK

Second-Generation Miniaturized SAR Sensor for Small Tactical UAVs: MISAR-A
Dr Michael Edrich, EADS Deutschland GmbH, GERMANY
UAVNET Vision of Future Highly Automated Transport and other Civilian and Commercial Unmanned Aircraft
Ground Robotics Master Plan
COL Terry Griffin, Robotic Systems Joint Project Office, USA
An Update of the Neuron Programme
Jonas Hamberg, Saab Aerosystems, SWEDEN
Preliminary Design of Small Coaxial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Prof. Beom-Soo Kang, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Pusan National University, SOUTH KOREA
The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan for NATO
Col Daniel Lewandowski, Joint Air Power Competence Centre, GERMANY
Predator Aircraft Series Status Report
Steve May, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., USA
Inverting the Ratio: One Operator to Many Vehicles Using STANAG 4586
John Molberg, CDL Systems, CANADA
Demonstration of UAV Flight in Controlled Airspace
Stefan Nygren, Saab Aerosystems, SWEDEN
Autonomous Aerial Refueling of UAVs
Scott Price, Cobham, USA
UAV DACH The German Language UAV Working Group
Bernhard von Bothmer, UAV DACH, GERMANY
8 May, 2007 – 0930 – 1745
9 May, 2007 – 0930 – 1715

HMS ARK Royal: Industry Day. The Commanding Officer of HMS ARK ROYAL is hosting an Industry Day for the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) at Portsmouth Naval Base on Thu 21 Jun 07. Further information is available from: Miss Kelley Wyatt by telephone (01428-602615) or e-mail (k.wyatt@the-dma.org.uk). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0716, 23 Apr 07)

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