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06 Jun 06. Farnborough International Airshow (FIA): Dates. FIA 2006 is to be held from 17 to 23 Jul 06. Mon 17 to Thu 20 Jul 06 are Trade Days. As well as being a Trade Day, Fri 21 Jul 06 is both ‘Enthusiasts’ Day’ and ‘Youth Day’. Sat/Sun 22/23 Jul 06 are Public Days.
Comment: As at 25 May 06, exhibiting companies represented 36 countries with Greece, Mexico and Spain appearing for the first time. The future of the FIA has now been secured with firm dates booked in July for 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0622, 05 Jun 06)

01 Jun 06. Exploring Network Enabled Capabilities to Achieve Decision
Featured Speakers:
• Major General Georges D’hollander, Director, C3, NATO
• Major General Francesco Cariati, Chief, 4th Division, Joint Staff, Italian Army, Ministry of Defence, Italy
• Brigadier General (Ret) Hans-Herbert Schulz, Former Bundeswehr, Germany
• Sue Payton, Deputy Under Secretary for Advanced Systems and Concepts, US Department of Defense
• John Garstka, Assistant Director for Concepts and Operations, Office of Force Transformation, US Department of Defense
Conference Focus:
Network Enabled Capability is at the heart of Defence Transformation across Europe. It is the coherent integration of sensors, decision-makers and weapon systems along with support capabilities to create superior decision-making. This combined structure will enable military forces to operate more effectively in the future strategic environment through the more efficient sharing and exploitation of information. This will lead to better situational awareness across the board, facilitating improved decision-making, and bringing to bear the right military capabilities at the right time to achieve the desired military effect.

This enhanced capability is about more than equipment; it will exploit the benefits to be obtained from transformed doctrine and training, and optimized command and control structures. The ability to respond more quickly and precisely will act as a force multiplier enabling forces to achieve the desired effect through a smaller number of more capable linked assets. Network enabled warfighting force elements will have the ability to operate at a higher level and pace. Intelligence gathered from multiple sources will be fused and presented to those who need it anytime, any place and anywhere in the theatre environment.

Gain Valuable Insight From:
• Interoperability and integration in network enabled capability
• Network enabled vulnerabilities
• Network enabled capability: In support of the warfighter
• Examining the complexities and implications of network enabled capability operations

Event Speakers:
• Major General Cristea Dumitru, Chief of Communications and Information Directorate, Romanian General Staff, Romanian Defence Force
• Colonel I. Salamida, Italian Air Staff Plans Division, Italian Defence Force
• Major General Pierre Hougardy, Director, Capabilities Directorate, European Defence Agency
• Colonel Ludmil Selanovski, Bulagarian Defence Force, Bulgaria
• Wing Commander Stephen Borthwick, Directorate of Equipment Capability (Command Control and Information Infrastructure), Ministry of Defence, UK
• Commander Gregory Glaros, Officer of Force Transformation, Office of Secretary of Defense, USA
• Lieutenant Commander Per Nilsson, Deputy Head, C4I Plans and Development, Swedish Army
• Major A.F.L. Whitaker, C4ISR Campaign Planning Manager, Canadian Defence Force
• Guy Ben-Ari, Fellow, Defence–Industrial Initiatives Group, Centre for Strategic International Studies
• Professor Thomas J. Housel, Naval Post Graduate School, US Navy
• Professor Johnathan A. Mun, Research Professor, Naval Post Graduate School, US Navy
• Dr. Malcolm Cook, Senior Lecturer in Human Factors and Military Psychology, University of Abertay, UK

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