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29 Nov 05. Terrorism Laws: A Joint BBC Radio 4/RUSI Event. December 2005 Daybook. The Association of the United States Army will sponsor a symposium and exposition titled “Global Air and Missile Defense – The Joint Approach,” December 6-8, at the Judson F. Williams Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.

09 December 2005. RUSI, Whitehall. Six months ago, Professor Conor Gearty argued at RUSI that all special terrorism laws should be abolished. Little more than a week later, London was bombed. Now, with the Government pushing further terrorism law, he returns, to make the argument afresh with renewed urgency, opposed by a new panel of informed critics and with the terrible evidence of July 7th leading much opinion more fiercely against him. There will be an opportunity for comment from the audience and the event will be recorded by the BBC for broadcast on Radio 4 the following week.
Taking part:
* Professor Conor Gearty: London School of Economics
* Dr Jonathan Eyal: Director of Studies, RUSI
* Jan Berry: Chairman of the Police Federation
* Edward Garnier QC, MP: Shadow Home Affairs Minister
* Alasdair Palmer: Public Policy Editor, Sunday Telegraph
The evening is hosted and the programme presented by the BBC’s Evan Davis.

29 Nov 05. Military Technologies Conference – 14 Mar 06 – 15 Mar 06. The Military Technologies Conference details the hottest and most promising technologies that will make the concept of transformation a reality.
MODULE 1: Open Architectures and Systems for Command and Control This conference module is all about the technology behind open architectures and systems for command and control applications. Open architecture designs enable military designers to integrate the latest technology from commercial and military worlds to improve performance, ease the pains of obsolescence, and help provide commanders with situational awareness on the battlefield.
MODULE 2: Network Centric Warfare in Practice This conference module is all about the technologies involved in creating a network centric force on the battlefield. Not only does this subject deal with developments for transformational communications but the human aspects of network centric warfare and feedback from today’s battlefields.
MODULE 3: Thermal & Power Management for Military System DesignThermal and power management is widely considered to be the crucial link in the ability to embrace high-performance computing technology in military system design. This module will look at the latest solutions for cooling chips and boards, thermal issues in aging military platforms, power management for system integration, etc.

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