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07 Feb 05. ITT Industries will highlight the company’s innovative solutions for tactical communications at the AUSA Winter Symposium. Specific initiatives company executives will address include: ITT’s win of the U.S. Army’s Omnibus procurement of SINCGARS Combat Net Radios. The contract has a maximum value of $2.5bn. The company will also display its Radio Based Combat ID system along with its Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM). The first public demonstration of ITT’s pocket PC size Spearhead radio will be passing both voice and data between the ITT booth and the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command’s Research Development and Engineering Center (RDEC) booth.

08 Feb 05. BAE Systems Avionics Group will unveil its newly developed marine technology Passive Littoral Surveillance System (PALS) at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2005) in Abu Dhabi next week – this is the first time that this equipment has been displayed in the Middle East. PALS is designed to provide coastguards and naval authorities with a major new technological advantage in the fight against smuggling and maritime terrorism, enhancing the monitoring and protection of coasts and borders. It uses specially developed equipment to enable authorities to covertly examine the radar signature of vessels and, using a library of contact information, to quickly pin-point unknown vessels possibly engaged in illegal activity. The low cost system is simple to use and includes fully automated settings with visual and audio aids. A trained operator can use it to its full potential whilst still performing other tasks. PALS will enable patrol forces to use their assets more effectively both strategically and tactically and will enable the user to build up a better picture of civilian vessels operating in their area. The co-ordination of intelligent assets is key to providing a safe and secure environment where trade and commerce can flourish. BAE Systems has extensive expertise in originating solutions that provide real time information that can be used to make intelligent decisions.

08 Feb 05. United Defense representatives will be available at the 2005 AUSA Winter Symposium & Exhibition to discuss: The significant contributions United Defense makes to soldiers in the current fight and take you on a technology tour featuring an M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle and integrated survivability technologies designed to enhance the safety of soldiers in urban and rural combat. New intelligent munitions such as Course Correcting Fuze – a cost-effective, revolutionary innovation that will make cannon artillery at least three times more accurate. A Solid State Laser system that will give soldier speed-of-light protection against enemy rockets, artillery and mortars. The progress being made on the Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicles and Armed Robotic Vehicles.

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