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We reported in BATTLESPACE ALERT Vol.9 ISSUE 23 that “Sources suggest that the delay in selection has been caused not only by the requirement to stretch the budget to 2008 allowing spend of the 2007 budget on UORs but also there has been a reported delay in gaining access to the IPR of the vehicles. NEXTER is believed to have given the MoD access whilst ARTEC is moving in that direction whilst GDUK is reported to have refused.”

GDUK is happy to clarify that the report is inaccurate and this is not the case: GD has agreed to make the IPR available, and at no time has there been an issue with IPR. General Dynamics UK will have full and complete rights to all necessary General Dynamics IPR for the PIRANHA V, and is in discussion with MoD on the best use of this IPR to ensure that FRES UV can be manufactured, sustained and upgraded throughout its life in the UK. Indeed, General Dynamics is a leading British authority on the successful transfer of technology and capability across national boundaries for the UK’s Armed Forces and defence industrial base.

GD’s bids, for both the UV Integrator and UV Designer role, are fully compliant with the DIS, with the aim of developing, manufacturing, and integrating the FRES Utility Vehicle in the UK. Indeed, General Dynamics has worked to develop the FRES supply well in advance of major programme decisions, with a view to maximising UK content from the earliest possible date and delivering the FRES UV rapidly, with minimal risk and in the best interests of British jobs, industry and exports. GD Supply chain events throughout 2007 have engaged over 500 UK companies, building on the Bowman supply chain and GD’s global expertise in manufacturing PIRANHA in the country of use. GD has a proven, open partnering approach, harnessing together British and international leaders in their fields while keeping the UK’s FRES supply chain open and inclusive for every company and facility. This enables all to bring their strengths together, driving value for money and world class performance in the best interests of FRES.

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