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In our BATTLESPACE UPDATE Vol.12 ISSUE 19, 17 May 2012, NEWS FROM SOFEX IN BRIEF, we said, ‘08 May 12. Extreme Performance Ltd, (EP Ltd.), the Lincolnshire, UK-based ammunition specialist debuted its new Lightweight Explosive Clearance System at SOFEX. The Lightweight Explosive Clearance System recently entered service with the British Army following contract award earlier this year.
“We were delighted to have been awarded the contract against strong competition,” said Bernie Montanta, Managing Director of EP Ltd, “We used new technologies and systems to ensure that the soldier in the field received the most up to date, lightweight, man deployable system which allows the system to be deployed in the most dangerous situations to save lives.”
The Lightweight Explosive Clearance System is deployable within five minutes and provides high-level assurance of a safe lane through an area where there is a possibility of pressure plate improvised explosive devices, trip wires or shallow mines. The unique system is lightweight, man-portable, completely self-contained, fast and simple to deploy, with repeatability and accuracy assured under all conditions. The complete system can be deployed in one box, utilising a non-electric firing and detonating system.‘
Having discussed this Statement with the MoD we have been asked to issue a clarification to our readers. The MoD Statement says, ‘We purchased a minimum number of systems from the Company. They were extensively trialled, but they are not being taken into service.’

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