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12 Sep 05. EDO Corporation is introducing its new MINI-T Rugged Mini-Tablet Computer at DSEI. The one-kilogram, PDA design offers “situational awareness in the soldier’s pocket” that is useable from the Antarctic to the desert.

Typical PDA screens tend to be too small for situational awareness information needed in the battlefield and thus have been limited mainly to sending messages. The MINI – T rugged computer solves this problem with as much as twice the usable screen area as a PDA, powered by substantially faster digital-signal processing. It
includes a 6.4 inch sunlight-readable touch screen and dual processing with a 200MHz RISC/DSP.

The MINI-T is ideal for use with maps and imagery, including ISTAR applications for downloading UAV visuals. It employs mobile telephone technology, which enables it to exploit future commercial innovations. Specific cards can be inserted to perform different or additional functions.

The MINI-T rugged computer can be used in close proximity to a radio without interference, and can operate in any environmental condition from -30(degree) to + 75(degree)C. It can even be submersed in water as EDO will demonstrate at DSEi.

With nearly 80 years of experience in providing products for the military, EDO recognizes the importance of a flexible design in producing wearable-computer products. The MINI-T can be custom packaged to suit each customer’s usage and stowage requirements. For example, if weight and soldier mobility are of greater importance, EDO offers the same processor with a 2.8 inch wrist-worn display. EDO believes that no other military PDA product can match the functionality, user friendliness and reliability of the MINI-T rugged computer.

The MINI-T is a variant of EDO’s line of wearable computer products and is the latest addition to the company’s full line of genuinely rugged portable computers, which includes the Termite. EDO’s rugged computer products are on display at stand 1379 of the DSEi Exhibition.

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