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14 Aug 02. EADS is expanding its capabilities in the field of aerial target systems by developing a new generation of low-cost high-performance target drones.

As Dornier GmbH, a corporate unit of EADS, announced on Wednesday, the company has developed a family of jet-powered target drones designed to the enhanced air threat simulation requirements of the armed forces. In accordance with the results of a recently conducted study on the future requirements concerning aerial target systems, innovative technological solutions have been taken into account for the development of the DT25 and DO-DT35 target drones.

The DO-DT25 target drone, powered by two jet engines, has been designed for training with short-range air defence systems, providing a speed range up to 250 kts and high manoeuvrability with excellent visual and infrared detection. The DO-DT35 drone meets the requirements for complex threat simulation with radar-guided weapons. It provides a speed range up to 350 kts with very low costs compared to existing systems, which allows the direct engagement of the target without using unrealistic towed bodies. Besides optical, radar, infrared and laser reflectors, the drones can be equipped with the Dornier hit indicators SETA-2 and SETA-3. EADS IFF and EW systems can also be employed. Both target drones are currently subject to a qualification programme with the German armed forces and will be available on the market by the end of this year.

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